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Be a part of Future Builders - let's talk about the cities of the future

26 of August '21

Future Builders - construction of tomorrow

Not only in construction, but also in other fields ALUPROF SA is looking for new solutions and implementing them within its structures. This applies to training or online conferences, among other things. The company was one of the first in the industry to start organizing meetings in this form, taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. An opportunity to test its professionalism is to take part in the Future Builders project, which is expected to change the construction industry of tomorrow.

The event will start already on September 2!

2. września cykl
Aluprof Future Builders otworzy rozmowa z Bogdanem Zahą

On September 2, the Aluprof Future Builders series will open with a conversation with Bogdan Zaha

© Aluprof

Future Builders is an initiative through which the conversations held today will change the constructions held tomorrow, so that the day after tomorrow we live in a better world.

- This is what Bożena Ryszka says about the idea of the forum,
director of the marketing and PR department of Aluprof SA.

Genesis and purpose of Future Builders meetings

The word "conversation," which Ms. Bozena Ryszka mentions, is key in the case of this project. The organizers' idea is to create a space for the exchange of experiences between all practitioners of the fields included in the project's scope of interest. Its main idea is to talk about the cities of the future. Future Builders becomes a platform where urban theoreticians and sociologists of space can confront their visions with the everyday practice of construction entrepreneurs and the developers who employ them.

interactivity and openness of dialogue

The online form of the meetings is a chance for every voice to be heard and every interesting idea to be noticed: first, the participants of the event have a say in the content of the questions posed to its guests. Secondly, they can comment on the various threads of the conversation, and thus polemicize against its theses. There is usually no time for such polemics in the traditional form of a conference or convention. And this aspect is particularly close to the originators of "Future Builders":

Sharing Knowledge and Experience and Inspiring Perspective.

Be a part of Future BuildersBe a part of Future BuildersBe a part of Future Builders

Participants in the Aluprof Future Builders conversation series

© Aluprof

distinguished guests

The selection of guests for the program, testifies to the rank and momentum of the project: these are world-famous architects, with a huge and respectable track record, with a diverse and interesting portfolio - from top-class office buildings to single-family houses surprising in form and solutions. Talking and exchanging experiences with such developers will truly inspire.

The series will start already on the 2nd of September and the guests will be, in turn:

  • Bogdan Zaha (September 2, 2021)
  • Robert Konieczny (September 16, 2021),
  • Przemo Lukasik (September 23, 2021),
  • Zbigniew Maciekow (October 7, 2021).
  • Álvaro Leite Siza Vieira (October 14, 2021).

The organizer will inform about the next interlocutors of the meeting series on an ongoing basis at

environment and media support

The interview series was covered under the auspices of:

  • Polish Green Building Association PLGBC
  • Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland
  • Polish Association of Developers
  • Association of Polish Architects

The events will be widely promoted in trade, business and general media at home and abroad, as well as online. Media patrons include the most widely read architectural titles in Poland:

  • Architektura & Biznes
  • Architektura-Murator
  • Zawód:Architekt

and talk to us about the future of construction

For more information, visit ALUPROF SA and on Aluprof Future Builders

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