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Bring in more light and retain heat. Glazing and building thermal insulation

25 of March '22

It is no secret that windows and doors are the most sensitive point when it comes to the thermal insulation of a building, and additionally promote the formation of thermal bridges. Therefore, when deciding on large glazing, it is worth betting on high-quality products that meet stringent technical standards and are made of the best materials. What to pay attention to when choosing large sliding doors and panoramic windows, and what criteria to follow when making a decision, suggests Michał Marcinowski, product manager at Aluprof.

Tightness from under the sign of aluminum

Glass walls of unlimited length are the dream of many people building their own house. Not only do they provide an impressive view and increase the prestige and visual attractiveness of the property, but they are also a source of natural solar heat, especially when they face the south. At the same time, even the highest-quality windows and doors will never be able to equal the thermal insulation of the walls. Added to this is the risk of thermal bridges, i.e. uncontrolled heat exchange between the interior of the building and the surroundings, which usually occurs where the window or door is embedded. All this causes many investors to give up impressive glazing for fear of possible leaks and potential heat loss, and thus higher heating bills. However, it is worth remembering that there are innovative solutions available on the market, thanks to which we can, on the one hand, enjoy a beautiful view and, on the other hand, ensure adequate thermal comfort.

MB-104 Passive

© Aluprof

The thermal insulation of a building is significantly influenced by the thermal insulation of individual structural elements, especially windows and doors. It becomes particularly important when the glazing is of considerable size. In such a situation, all the more reason to pay attention to the highest quality solutions. In the case of joinery, it is worth thinking about products made of aluminum, which are very durable, and at the same time have excellent insulation parameters and thus minimize heat loss, allowing you to raise the energy standard of the building," explains Michał Marcinowski, product manager at Aluprof. " An example is the aluminum window based on MB-86 SI system from Aluprof, which has excellent insulation parameters. This is due to, among other things, wide thermal separators of special shape, allowing the use of an additional partition in the insulation zone of the profiles. The two-component central gasket, which perfectly seals and thermally insulates the space between the sash and the frame, as well as additional insulating and sealing inserts in the space between the glass and the window sections deserve appreciation," the expert adds.

MB Skyline Type R

© Aluprof

Innovative aluminum windows and doors guarantee thermal insulation

One of the very important features affecting the functioning of our homes and places of our work are the technical parameters of windows and doors. This is all the more important because, according to the so-called Technical Conditions to which buildings should conform, in force since January 1, 2021, all newly constructed buildings should be characterized by an appropriately low demand for energy necessary for their heating. A special role in meeting the exorbitant standards will therefore be played by window and door joinery, which should be distinguished by high thermal insulation, i.e. the ability to keep heat inside the building as long as possible.

The better the thermal insulation, the less energy is needed to heat the house, especially during low temperatures. Thequality of the materials used in the construction, including windows and doors, as well as the way they are installed, has a significant impact on this, explains Michal Marcinowski of Aluprof.

So what should we pay attention to if we dream of impressive glazing in our home, and at the same time we care about a high level of thermal insulation and durability of the structure?

MB Skyline Type R

© Aluprof

A high-quality product that will serve us for many years is usually followed by a slightly higher price. However, let's remember that the investment in window and door joinery that is exceptionally durable and additionally distinguished by excellent insulation parameters, even with slightly higher initial costs resulting from the purchase of products, pays off with lower heating bills. On the market we can find many energy-efficient solutions, including those that successfully meet even the stringent requirements of passive construction. An example is the system from Aluprof: MB-104 Passive, whose highest thermal insulation has been confirmed by prestigious certificates from the Passive House Institute PHI Darmstadt. Aluminum windows and doors with a thermal barrier in the MB-104 Passive system, in addition to excellent thermal insulation, are also characterized by very good sound insulation, water and air tightness and high structural strength. The parameters of the joinery made on the basis of this system exceed the current requirements of the strictest regulations and standards in force," explains the Aluprof expert. - A panoramic view of the surroundings of the house combined with high thermal insulation can also be obtained by deciding on modern large-size sliding doors with hidden frame MB-Skyline Type R from Aluprof. The solution is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the structures gain a modern look. The door leaf sections are completely hidden in the frame, and the only element visible after the door is closed is a narrow 25-millimeter mullion. The aluminum door leaves in the Aluprof MB-Skyline Type R system are made of modern, environmentally friendly materials that ensure the highest thermal insulation parameters, which are further enhanced by the use of 3-pane packages with a thickness of 52 to 60 mm, the specialist adds.

The comfort of staying in a house is significantly affected by many factors, including its appearance, the view we have from the window, as well as the amount of light reaching the interior. Thermal comfort is also not without significance, which additionally translates into the amount of heating bills. As the above examples show, thanks to the use of high-quality aluminum windows and doors, we are able to maintain thermal insulation without sacrificing impressive glazing.

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