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Grzegorz Krychowiak invests in Polish construction industry

23 of April '20

Grzegorz Krychowiak one of Poland's top soccer players has invested five million zlotys in the world's largest construction startup. Polish technology - SYSTEM 3E is an innovation in construction.

Grzegorz Krychowiak has decided to invest in intelligent construction technology SYSTEM 3E. The Polish technology, patented around the world, is the first innovation in construction in a hundred years dealing with the erection of walls of houses and other buildings.

Polish soccer player's investment in innovative product

Krychowiak, who currently plays the position of midfielder for Russian club Lokomotiv Moscow, has taken up shares in the company and will support it with his business intuition and image, taking part in promotional, social and educational campaigns. According to the footballer about his investment:

I had no doubts. I saw full professionalism, great determination of the management team and unparalleled attention to detail, which in business is decisive. The globally unique, Polish and environmentally friendly construction product SYSTEM 3E, together with the DOM 3E service, fills a market niche where there is a shortage of companies building houses in the "from a to z" formula, as is the case, for example, in Germany. Polish society is getting richer, and in the meantime, the construction market lacks such an offer - with construction that is easy, fast, like from building blocks. And it's all organic, and Polish. I'm rooting for all Polish companies that are shaking up the status quo and changing the reality around us for the better. Our country needs more such great, successfully implemented inventions as SYSTEM 3E.

The capital raised from the Polish player will be used for foreign expansion, primarily in the German and Swedish markets.

production of System 3E

© DOM 3E

polish construction start-up

SYSTEM 3E is the largest construction start-up in the world - the first innovation in construction since cellular concrete was invented. The creators of the technology, inspired by processes occurring in nature, created and patented a fully ecological system for erecting walls with 3E elements based on perlite. The precise shape and unique properties of 3E elements make construction simpler and faster than traditional methods. The 3E elements, manufactured in Radomsko near Lodz, are laid like blocks, without the need for mortar, glue, water and insulation. SYSTEM 3E's business strategy is currently based on two pillars: the production and sale of 3E elements and a comprehensive home construction service. In the future, revenue sources will be joined by remuneration from licensing, allowing 3E elements to be built abroad as well.

Grzegorz Krychowiak concludes:

At home, as in soccer, it's the system that counts. A system of play that enables the construction of spectacular and, above all, effective actions. And a building system that guarantees speed and convenience. Such is the SYSTEM 3E, of which the HOUSE 3E is made.

holiday home to win

On the occasion of the investment, Grzegorz Krychowiak has launched a contest to win a year-round vacation home of thirty-five square meters. To participate in the contest, you need to make a creative video answering the question - why have a DOM 3E?

The form and regulations are available on the DOM 3E website.

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