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Black house in a green forest landscape designed by Z3Z Architects

01 of July '21
Technical data
Name: House blended into the forest
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw area
Design team: Mateusz Zajkowski, Emilia Chomiuk
Photos: Marcin Mularczyk
Area: 330 m²
Number of floors: 2


  • project
  • implementation


A plot of land located in a picturesque forest near Warsaw influenced the shape of a single-family house by the {tag:pracownie} studio. Starting work, the architects faced the task of inscribing the building between ivy-covered pine trees. The challenge was to keep the old stand of trees intact - this is how the House Blended into the Forest was created.

Despite the sizeable site, a considerable challenge for the architects was to find space for the house. Together with the investors they designated a non-forested space on the plot - a clearing surrounded by trees. The building created on it looks as if it grows directly out of the forest.

The House Blended into the Forest

video: Julian Morytko © Z3Z Architects

houses in the forest

A house in a forest is the dream of many, and there are countless ideas on how to fit a block into a forest environment. Recent Polish realizations include, for example: Circle Wood and Tree House by Mobius Architects letting trees into the building, referring to the Japanese style MP_II by Kruk Rasztawicki Architects, modern with interesting atria SMU HOUSE from BECZAK / BECZAK / ARCHITECTS, created on the basis of a twenty-year-old RE house : REDWOOD HOUSE by REFORM Architekt, or the Mushroom House by Prosty Architekt and Siedlisko by Ggrupa, which draws on tradition.

Dom wtopiony
w las

The facade is made of black trapezoidal sheet metal

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architects

sheet metal house

Once Z3Z Architects found a suitable site for the construction, they decided that the house would receive an exterior facade coating of black trapezoidal sheet metal. This seemingly surprising decision made the irregular shape of the house a backdrop for the ivy-covered pine trees, while at the same time providing a distinctive form. The dark material is complemented by planks of Canadian cedar, with which elements recessed in the body of the house - the surroundings of the entrance or terrace - were lined.

Front domu wpisanego
w las

The front of the house with a recess made of Canadian cedar

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architekci

Thefront of the house invites users with a wooden recess standing out from the rest of the body of the house, clearly indicating the entrance. A generous canopy at this point also houses the garage entrance with a garage door hidden under the cedar wood. A similar wooden recess is located on the other side of the building and forms a recreational terrace, the architects say.

Bryła domy to prosta

The body of the house is a cut and shifted cuboid with large glazings

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architekci

The body of the house itself is a simple form of a cuboid cut in several places. Large corner windows with mullion-less glazing and long glazing strips add lightness and give the impression that the greenery surrounding the building comes inside. On the other hand, when we are inside the house it seems that the space behind the windows, is an extension of the building's surface. Displacements and incisions of the block make it not monotonous.

Ogromne przeszklenia

Some walls consist of just windows

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architekci

ascetic interiors

The dark facades are a counterbalance to the interior of the house, which is kept in ascetic white complemented by concrete floors and wooden details. An interesting effect was created in the children's rooms where the entire long wall of the combined spaces is a window from which one can admire the green surroundings. The architects decided to limit the number of furnishings, focusing on the quality of their workmanship.

z kolorowymi akcentami

In the living room, the architects decided to introduce a color accent

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architekci

Thekitchen is bright and spacious, with three black bar tables and one dark wall drawing attention. Uniform concrete flooring throughout the living area ties all the rooms together, and the living room opted for a color accent - lounge furniture in shades of deep navy blue and bottle green.

Jasna łazienka na

The bathroom is connected to the bedroom

Photo: Marcin Mularczyk © Z3Z Architekci

A floating wooden cantilever staircase leads to the first floor - the private part. The bedroom and study have a spectacular view of the greenery and the white bathroom with marble accents is an oasis of peace and relaxation.

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