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Schöck Tronsole® sound insulation system. Quietness in the home!

01 of February '21

Nowadays, in the era of the still pandemic, our apartments have become not only a place of rest for us, but also a place of work and for our children a classroom and a playground in one. For this reason, among others, acoustic requirements for our apartments have become an important issue. Technical solutions to ensure that these requirements are met now take on a completely different even special meaning.

Acoustic standards

According to the Technical Conditions to which buildings and their location should conform, Section IX - protection against noise and vibration: our apartments should be adequately protected against noise penetrating from the outside into the room, noise from installations and internal equipment of the building, reverberation noise and air and impact noise generated by users of other apartments. The last group includes noise generated in traffic spaces, and we want to pay special attention to the suppression of impact noise generated in stairwells.

Polish Standard PN-B-02151-3:2015 Building acoustics protection against noise in buildings, in part 3. defines the permissible level of impact sounds penetrating into protected spaces. For example, for multi-family buildings, the permissible level of impact sounds penetrating into apartments from general communication rooms (corridors, halls, landings) must not exceed the value L'nw<55dB. If a staircase is built without technical solutions to suppress impact sounds, the requirements of the Polish Standard will not be met. Reconstruction of the staircase to a state in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Standard PN-B-02151-3:2015 is a costly, if not impossible, undertaking.

Schöck Tronsole® sound insulation system

The Schöck Tronsole® acoustic insulation system is designed to dampen impact noise in any staircase, and we can use it on both monolithic stairs (Fig.1) and prefabricated stairs (Fig.2). We can choose from many different components in the system. All components can be combined and implemented for all kinds of applications. The individual components work together perfectly to provide uncompromising impact sound insulation. Sound insulation only occurs when acoustic separation of the entire staircase from the building's structural elements has been made.

Przykład zastosowania
Schöck Tronsole® w schodach monolitycznych rzykład zastosowania Schöck
Tronsole® w schodach prefabrykowanych

Example of the use of Schöck Tronsole® in monolithic stairs (Figure 1) and in prefabricated stairs (Figure 2).
© Schöck

Complete system=complete attenuation

Optimum impact sound attenuation is only effective if a complete Schöck Tronsole® system is used, taking into account all the elements and connections present in the staircase. The sound insulation system allows us to separate the staircase on all sides to eliminate all acoustic bridges. Only the use of the complete system will guarantee that we meet the applicable standard requirements in Poland. The Schöck Tronsole® system was made on the basis of tests carried out in accordance with the provisions of DIN 7396, all elements of the system have ITB Approvals.

Acoustic comfort of residents in the hands of architects and developers

The growing awareness of investors and contractors of the acoustic requirements for construction elements means that acoustic issues are increasingly respected in the Polish construction market. For residents, acoustic comfort provides the right conditions for both work, study and rest. For developers, on the other hand, providing acoustic comfort increases the value of real estate.

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