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A bright future for electromobility - ROSA knows how to combine aesthetics with technology in the age of eco solutions

01 of February '21

Currently, Europe is witnessing a rapid increase in interest in electric cars, which is largely due to EU climate policy regulations that will take effect in 2021. For public facilities, the right electrical infrastructure will need to be designed to provide power for a certain number of parking spaces.

© Rosa

The European Commission has also approved raising the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target to 55%. So it is said that in the coming decade electric cars will dominate transportation by up to 80%! Can we imagine the dramatically increasing demand for the availability of charging points? In response to the needs of the market, ROSA has created an innovative product - an aluminum lighting pole with an integrated electric car charging station. So at the same time we are not only charging the vehicle, but also illuminating the surroundings.

The lighting infrastructure available in Poland is a good base for reducing construction time, as well as its cost. ROSA, combining aesthetics and functionality, has created a tool for reusing the existing network of street power cables laid in the vicinity of roads, or parking spaces. Currently, there are still not enough charging stations for electric cars in Poland, with mainly massive, high-powered stations available on the market. However, it turns out that there is a growing demand for lower-power stations, which are definitely more economical in the installation process and do not require dedicated power installations and additional equipment.

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ROSA's new family of lighting products with electric vehicle charging stations is made up of one-piece aluminum poles from 6m to 10m high under the name SAL EV and 1.3m high KARIN LED EV aluminum lighting columns. These products are characterized by simple and safe operation, the possibility of remote management, integration with the EIPA system (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Inventory), the possibility of statistics on the charging processes carried out and authorization by means of RFID proximity cards, as well as automatic invoicing or the availability of a mobile application to operate the charging station. The charging point's power ratings range from 3.7 kW to 22 kW.

An undoubted advantage of our products is the possibility to anodize them in one of the 10 available colors, which provides not only adequate protection of the poles against corrosion, but also the possibility to aesthetically match the surroundings.

color palette for anodizing poles

© Rosa

ROSA's lighting poles and columns with integrated vehicle charging stations fit perfectly into SmartCity projects by building smart parking spaces.

More than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of lighting systems, as well as in-house technical thought in the form of scientific research in the company's laboratory and in cooperation with accredited research units, guarantee the high quality, innovation and reliability of ROSA products. The wide range of solutions guaranteed by Rosa Group specialists ensures the implementation of modern and environmentally friendly technologies for each investment, so that projects gain in value and recognition in the market.

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