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OCULUS LED MINI lamp - super-efficient and energy-saving novelty from Lena Lighting

16 of January '21

OCULUS LED MINI - a resistant lamp with an industrial character

The latest proposition from Lena Lighting - OCULUS LED MINI - is a super-efficient and energy-saving lamp with high light performance, a high degree of tightness and impact resistance. Inspired by the structure of plants, this model will perform well even in 55⁰C.

OCULUS LED - temperature resistant lamps

Products from the OCULUS LED series are adapted for high temperature operation, and at the same time are characterized by very high luminous parameters. The new OCULUS LED MINI boasts a wide range of resistance to ambient temperature conditions. It will perform perfectly both at -25⁰C and +55⁰C. At the same time, it is characterized by luminous efficacy of up to 167 lm/W and high luminous flux. It is a product with a high degree of tightness, resistant to impacts, and with an interesting industrial design.

Lamp radiator inspired by nature

The OCULUS LED series was inspired by the structure of plants, hence the characteristic tree branch-like appearance of the lamp's heat sink. It allows efficient heat dissipation from the light module, using the phenomenon of conduction and convection. In turn, the isolated electronics module provides optimal operating conditions for the driver, extending its life. The lamp can successfully operate at a temperature of +55⁰C," Cezary Wichniewicz, Product Manager at Lena Lighting.

Latest technology

High-quality LEDs and LED modules of the latest generation are used for OCULUS LED MINI, which guarantee very high luminous efficiency and energy efficiency. The lamp is perfect for factories and production halls, as well as large-scale warehouses and logistics centers, as well as wherever there is high dust or moisture. It is a good solution for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Technical specifications and detailed product information are available on the manufacturer's website: OCULUS LED MINI

For more information, visit the company's Lena Lighting S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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