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Lexavala - let there be light!

06 of May '20

If you had the opportunity to attend last year's Unsound festival in Krakow, you probably remember the luminous experience accompanying the concert by Academy Award winner Hildur Guðnadóttir. The disturbing music from the miniseries "Chernobyl" resounding in a former telephone factory near Nowy Kleparz was accompanied by the hazy blue light of lamps flashing to the rhythm of the songs. It was eerie, dark, and shivers ran down the back. Such specific lighting introduced a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Every architect knows that properly selected light can significantly affect any space. It's not even about the original design of the lamps, the shape of the bulbs or the color of the lighting. Light can bring out the advantages of a room or hide its disadvantages, set the right mood or give the impression of coziness. Working on lighting is a real art. Jakub Szkaradek and Pawel Zajiczek of Lexavala studio also know this .

Together they create minimalist and original lamps that fit into any space. They can be an invisible source of light, an element of an interior that fits perfectly into its style or a decorative focal point. The lighting duo talks about their products with a touch of poetry. They are colorful stories, at first glance incompatible with lamps. However, the gentlemen of Lexaval see their work as true art.

Not long ago we wrote about the project of a studio apartment of architects from Ewa/Thomas Studio, who chose Lexaval lamps for their interior.

Acra | sesja dla Yestersen Misallians | sesja dla Yestersen

From left: Acra, from right: Misalliance

Photo: Max Zielinski


This model is a truly successful misalliance among lamps - it combined a fluorescent lamp usually associated with industrial fixtures, with a light form, interesting colors and noble materials. Among them were solidbrass or stainless steel - hand-polished or brushed with old artisanal methods. The collection was recognized in the MUST HAVE 2019 poll.


This lamp would fit perfectly into the interior of a jewelry boutique. It serves a largely decorative function, also due to its small size. It can be used as a wall lamp, but also as a ceiling lamp. It is a combination of the Misalliance form and a milky glass sphere. It is formed, like its "sister", by the same materials, subject to the same treatment. The collection won an honorable mention in the MUST HAVE 2020 poll.


Palace is a collection of lamps made of solid marble. However, do not fear that it is a piece of heavy stone hanging overhead. The specially created form owes the impression of lightness. The shape was designed so that the light spreads perfectly over the table or countertop, without unnecessary reflections and noise. It is made in three grades of marble - Carrara Bianco, Nero Marquina and Verde Guatemala.

Palace | sesja dla Yestersen

Palace | session for Yestersen

photo by Max Zielinski


If you have dreamed of your own lightsaber - Acra is (almost) the answer to your desires. However, it will work better in elegant interiors, thanks to its brass finish and minimalist form. By combining several pieces, you can create light installations.


Blvr is an inconspicuous lamp - a combination of a marble cube with a light cylinder. A small piece of this natural stone is hand-polished or matted, and its thin edges right next to the light source are meticulously, hand-scraped. This treatment serves to break the form and give it a unique look.

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