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In search of a light and functional body - a house from LK&Projekt

Wiktor Bochenek
10 of March '22

The most important goal for the architects from the LK&Projekt studio was to create a lightweight and visually attractive block, which at the same time has high utility values combined with functionality.

The architectural studio was approached by investors who required a unique project - assuming a huge amount of glazing, unique connections and the introduction of modern solutions. Play of light is a single-family house located in a Baltic village, which has received a number of awards.

w tym domu najważniejszy jest kształt bryły i przeszklenia

in this house, the shape of the body and glazing are most important

© LK&Projekt

Leszek Kalandyk, founder of LK&Projekt studio, will talk about the process of creation, the idea, investors' requirements and ultimate satisfaction.

Wiktor Bochenek: What idea guided you while designing this house?

Leszek Kalandyk: The essence associated with the entire project, was the guiding idea that the house should become for the residents the center of their own world. This concept can be seen in the construction of the block, which with its form, similar to the shape of the letter L, surrounds the inner own relaxation zone. Throughout the building, light and a coherent connection between the house and its surroundings were to play a significant role. This play of reflections, rays and shadows is perfectly visible both in the interiors and in the external structure of the house. At the same time, designed to serve the comfort of the residents, the numerous terraces, located on different levels and partially built-up, significantly diversify the silhouette of the house.

biała kolorystyka bryły została rozbita przez metalowe i drewniane elementy

The white color scheme of the body is broken up by metal and wooden elements

© LK&Projekt

Wiktor Bochenek: What did the investor require? What was most important to him?

Leszek Kalandyk: After discussions about his expectations from the house, the investor immediately liked the general concept of the vision. On the other hand, his greatest expectations concerned, extremely important details that ultimately determined the final image. First and foremost, the future occupants wanted to ensure that the entrance and entryway, which on the plot is located on the south side, would not interfere with the garden zone. At the same time, this issue, i.e. the relatively small plot and the entrance on the south side, where in principle an undisturbed recreational area should reign, was the biggest problem and was reflected in the shaping of the house's surroundings. It was successfully solved thanks to a well-thought-out "way home" that combines the relevant functions. It begins with the garage, where also designed solutions not often used, namely illuminating the room by means of flat roof windows and the addition of a large canopy, so that additionally two cars can be placed. Then we pass through an interesting portal, which, while separating this entrance area, also emphasizes the stateliness and role of the residential building itself. Moving on, we enter the covered terrace. This whole part changes the traditional approach to relaxation, as the second outdoor kitchen, located in it, creates, together with the patio, a place native to southern Europe. Thus, in the garden we can conduct family gatherings and nibble on dishes, tasting life in good company. This garden zone is finished with an incorporated outdoor swimming pool, which is so and positioned that the entire structure and the bright facade are reflected in it, which enhances the impression of a coherent composition of the aforementioned play of light.

połączenie otoczenia z domem było istotne już w trakcie projektowania

The connection between the environment and the house was already important during the design process

© LK&Projekt

Wiktor Bochenek: How were the functions and interiors of the house laid out?

Leszek Kalandyk: The interior of the house is formed by a number of rooms, the layout of which was dictated by the expectations of functionality but not disturbing aesthetics. Therefore, the house has a very clear division. On one side we have an open living room and on the other a kitchen connected to the dining room, all enclosed by large windows and a terrace door, through which we pass to the garden, which in turn seems to enter the house. Contact with nature and the unification of the building with it was one of the main goals. As a developer, he also pays great attention to practical improvements that allow for comfortable living. That's why such rooms as a pantry and a bathroom next to the study necessarily had to be included in this project. On the first floor, we also have another covered terrace next to the living room, which has room for an English bench - a place to rest, ponder and stop in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. In turn, the beautiful openwork staircase is a visual attraction and establishes a perfect relationship with the light, which, falling from the west side, leads a kind of play of light. The first floor is the space that is the soul of the house. The separation of functions for parents and children was also a wish of the investor. Both the former and the latter have extended rooms connected with bathrooms separate from each other, dressing rooms and exits to extensive terraces, partially covered, but also additionally illuminated by roof windows.

The terrace is connected to the pool and garden, creating additional recreational space

© LK&Projekt

Wiktor Bochenek: What are the additional features you should pay attention to in this project ?

Leszek Kalandyk: The whole concept, not only in this project, is an approach to the idea of promoting green light for ecology. Hence the use of energy-saving RES installations, but also the room for a very sophisticated server that watches over their smooth operation.

In general, all the work on the project was a challenge, but also its implementation gave us a lot of satisfaction. We are most pleased with the fact that the investor's requirements for materials were reflected in the real creation of the house. The investor placed great emphasis on the durability of the materials, so in the project we proposed those best aluminum windows with triple-glazing on the market, ceramic panels and sinters durable for decades, tempered glass, stainless steel balustrades and even blinds made of exotic wood.

Architecture is like music. In music, all the notes must be properly caught up, and in architecture it's the details. They, together with the massing and the interior, form a complete composition that, like a concert, can be played. In this case, the light added its last note. It is the real coda that completes this piece.

Wiktor Bochenek: Thank you for the interview!

salon utrzymany jest w podobnych tonach kolorystycznych

The living room is kept in similar color tones

© LK&Projekt

interviewed Wiktor Bochenek

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