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Metal mesh and architectural grid ceiling systems

01 of June '24

How to stand out in modern architecture, where standards are constantly evolving and expectations are reaching their zenith? How to fit in with current trends in the areas of design, functionality and sustainable construction? The answer is innovative metal ceiling systems from PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE. Create a detail-intriguing space with a unique and timeless character.

Międzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe w Katowicach

International Congress Center in Katowice - metal expanded metal suspended ceiling

Photo: Dominika Wilk Photography © Progress Architecture

The biggest advantage of metal ceilings is the unique and modern design based on the nobility and durability of steel. The openwork nature of the grids and grids does not completely close off the space, giving it three-dimensional depth, while at the same time fulfilling the masking functions of the ceiling installations. Products are available in a variety of materials and finishes, mainly stainless steel, carbon steel with alu-zinc coating Pro-ZINAL®, copper and aluminum.

Sklep Sportofino

Store Sportofino - RADIUS welded grid metal suspended ceiling

© Progress Architecture

Specially developed installation systems with concealed substructure provide the effect of a uniform surface, while their exceptional durability, resistance to mechanical damage and A1-A2 fire classification guarantee the highest level of safety. They are perfect for both new architectural projects and the modernization of existing buildings, in accordance with the spirit of sustainable construction. An additional advantage is the ability to install the ceiling panels at any angle, which allows you to freely create unusual forms, matching the assumptions and design needs.

Targi Kielce

Kielce Trade Fair - SAGITTARIUS metal woven mesh suspended ceiling

© Progress Architecture

Get to know more about the offer of PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE, a leading European manufacturer of metal solutions for architecture, and start a creative journey into the inspiring world of bold visions and unique realizations!

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