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International Architecture Biennale Krakow 2021 coming in October!

Dobrawa Bies
27 of September '21

TheInternational Architecture Biennale 2021 in Krakow, held under the theme "RE-USE," is fast approaching. On behalf of the organizers - the Cracow branch of SARP and the City of Cracow - we invite you to participate in this unique event, which will be held on October 26 and 27, 2021 at the ICE Congress Center in Cracow. The Biennale is a cyclical event, held since 1985, with each edition providing a unique forum for architects from around the world to exchange ideas and experiences. This year's program is based on four thematic tracks centered around important themes and areas of Krakow undergoing dynamic transformation.

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RE-USE - learning to "old" use again

The condition of the world over the past few decades is undergoing a profound transformation. The division of the environment into natural and transformed is beginning to show a galloping decline in the reserves of the former and a maturingly burdensome expansion of the latter. Exploitation of natural resources has exceeded capacity on a global scale to such an extent that the prospect of their imminent depletion is no longer in doubt. The search for new sources and reduction of demand are becoming the main guidelines for remodeling most areas of human life. All aspects of such a change touch architecture in all its manifestations.

One way to achieve new qualities, while inhibiting destructive consequences, is to implement extensive measures for their reuse, preferably multiple use. The linear flow of matter-energy, common in the history of our civilization: from the source to the "dump", necessarily needs to be changed into a closed cycle - recycling. Instead of building only the "new", it is imperative to learn to reuse the "old", to reuse again and again - REUSE. That is why the leading theme of this year's edition of the International Architecture Biennale Krakow 2021 is "RE-USE." It is also particularly relevant during the pandemic that has been going on for the past two years, when social and economic changes are forcing the need to change the function of buildings and public spaces. It can also be considered in relation to individual urban spaces that are changing before our eyes.

The organizers of this year's biennial are guided by the idea of uniting and integrating Krakow's architectural community. The appointed Program Council consisted of association circles - the Association of Polish Architects, local government circles - the Małopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, scientific circles - the Faculty of Architecture of the Krakow University of Technology and media circles - A&B magazine.

MBA Kraków 2021 Program

The MBA Kraków 2021 program is based on four thematic tracks centered around important topics and areas of Kraków undergoing dynamic transformation.


This panel is co-organized by the Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland and curated by Piotr Chuchacz.

We want to talk with our Guests - specialists and authorities in various fields - about the life of objects, neighborhoods and cities. We will ask questions and listen to the answers in order to understand what makes it increasingly difficult to control urban space, despite civilization's experience and vast body of knowledge. How to manage the multitude of factors and conditions? How to set and shape the directions of change? How to give them new life? We will remind the principles of development of urban structures. We will discuss the role of space in shaping social attitudes. We will try to catalog and understand the operation of spatial planning tools. We will look at ways to revitalize spaces, zones and objects. We will consider together what and how spatial decisions, personal reactions to them and public sentiment are affected. Above all, however, we will try to outline a framework for the necessary professional, ethical, personality preparation necessary for efficient, effective and successful creation and management of space.


Panel co-organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology, and curated by Marta A. Urbanska.

Krasinski, Mickiewicz and Slowacki avenues were created in Krakow after the liquidation of the peripheral (circular) railroad line, built along the fortifications of the Krakow Fortress from the Austrian era. Since 1912, the area was consistently transformed into a representative and main thoroughfare of the city, surrounded by - mostly modernist - high-quality architecture. The topic of the so-called second ring road has been appearing (tentatively) in the public debate for several years now in the context of the planned redevelopment. In December 2020, the City of Krakow announced a tender for a concept for the construction of a streetcar line connecting Nowy Kleparz with Inwalidów Square. This coincides, on the one hand, with the global trend of taking urban spaces away from cars and giving them back to pedestrians, cyclists and greenbelts, and, on the other hand, with this year's entry of the architecture of the western part of the avenue into the register of monuments. In our part of Europe, there are numerous examples of such arteries in similar cities, from the grand, peripheral Nagykörút Boulevard in Budapest to the Kurfürstendamm Boulevard in Berlin. A planned panel discussion, with the participation of architects, urban planners and other stakeholders, including urban activists, will address the status quo and attempts to revitalize assumptions similar to the Avenues, and of course, themselves.


Krakow is not just Wawel Castle, monuments and a university, it is a place of intertwined activities. Among them are also manufacturing and industry. They have become a permanent part of the city's history and space. Nowa Huta is a district that grew up around a metallurgical combine. Its history bears witness to the post-war modernization of the country, as well as to the social changes, the times of transition and the present day. Today the district's pedigree is clear, but it is not obvious that it will also be so in the future. Industry in its former form is losing its economic and ecological raison d'être, and without the combine or its fragments wisely chosen for preservation, Nowa Huta may lose its identity. Today we know that industrial buildings can be reused. The space between them can also serve new functions. The panel discussion, which will be moderated by Marcin Brataniec, will be an attempt to indicate the possibilities of rational preservation and reuse of the industrial heritage of Nowa Huta.


The workshop titled From the Past to the Future is about Krakow's Wesoła district and is co-organized by the Architektura & Biznes monthly . The workshop and panel are curated by A&B editor-in-chief, Małgorzata Tomczak.

Wesoła - status as of today. A new district - Wesoła - with residential, commercial and cultural functions is to be created on the site of the former university hospital purchased by the City of Krakow, in close proximity to the historic center of the city. The 9-hectare site with greenery and existing buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Botanical Garden, the Academy of Physical Education, close proximity to the Market Hall, the Market Square, Kazimierz, the Vistula River, in the area between Kopernika, Śniadeckich and Grzegórzecka streets, is a rarity on a Polish scale. The area is to be managed by a company established by the city, the Krakow City Development Agency. The most important tasks of ARMK will be the preparation of the post-hospital area for future investments and its efficient management. After two-stage consultations (November 2020-April 2021), which included a preliminary concept for the development of Wesoła, it became clear that residents want a green, accessible part of the city that serves social integration and cultural gatherings.

This year's International Architecture Biennale in Krakow will feature a three-day interdisciplinary urban planning workshop (October 25 - 27) for the Wesoła district. They will be attended by three groups of participants, including architects, city councilors, urban planners, design students, sociologists, and activists. The workshop will conclude with a debate with the participation of invited experts. The overarching idea of the workshop is to identify the spatial-functional-communicative potential of Wesola, so that the newly emerging district will respond to the needs of the city's residents and become an open, friendly space in the center.

The goal of the workshop is to propose solutions to the three most important functional-spatial problems occurring in Wesoła: properly designated transportation: pedestrian, bicycle, vehicular on east-west and north-south axes; a city square with a public building (KP1, U9 on the draft MPZP), which is the main hub of Wesola and the KP3 square; greenery.

ACCOMPANYING EVENT - 2nd Krakow Archi-City Game.

Taking place as part of the Biennale 2021, the Krakow Archi-City Game (game commissioner: Maja Czarnecka, substantive coordination: Marcin Wlodarczyk) is the second edition of the event aimed at popularizing Krakow's lesser-known architecture. The City Game is a fun game in which teams compete against each other during walks combining elements of a game drive, computer games and happenings. This year's edition will take place on October 23 (Saturday) in the area of Nowa Huta. Contestants will be given a series of tasks related to the history and architecture of this amazing district of Krakow. In addition to its educational function, Archi-Gra is an opportunity to integrate the community of young architects and have fun.

MBA Krakow 2021 will be held from October 26 to 27, 2021 at the ICE Krakow Congress Center. The event will also be streamed online. More information and a detailed program will be available soon on the MBA Krakow website.

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