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Nicolas Zajda talks about studying in Valencia

03 of February '20

Nicolas Zajda talks about studying at the Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain. Hear what classes are like at the Spanish university, how to live in Valencia and what to do in your free time.

Mikolaj Zajda

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Poznan University of Technology (master's degree defended in 2018). His work entitled Downtown Andersia, made under the supervision of Ewa Pruszewicz-Sipińska, PhD, received the Audience Award in the competition for the best diploma project of the 8th edition of the "A&B Academy". Mikolaj Zajda alreadyworked in architectural offices duringhis studies, including international studios in Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and the United States. After his defense, he worked for a year in Helmut Jahn's studio, and then moved to the Spanish GRAS studio.

scope of the podcast

Introduction of the guest
Why did you decide to move to Spain?
How was the education at the Polish university different from that in Spain?
Do you think you had a better chance for self-development?
What conditions does the university offer?
What is the atmosphere like at the university and the department?
The difference between classes in Spain and in Poland.
What was student life like?
How much free time were you able to carve out to pursue your passions and social life?
What problems did you face as a student in a foreign country?

The interview was conducted by Filip Szafalowicz.

From the podcast series titled: "All about education - the best universities".

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