MORAD Sp. z o.o.


MORAD Ltd. specializes in the production and distribution of aluminum systems for the construction industry. It is a modern and innovative enterprise, managed on the basis of a process of continuous improvement, comprehensive selection of assortment and optimal management of the logistics network at home and abroad.

The company's competitiveness is built on the basis of 30 years of experience and the competence of staff oriented to provide services at the highest world level. The company is distinguished by its ability to respond quickly to changing market needs by providing new, cost-effective solutions.

At the turn of the years, the company received numerous awards and prizes, including the title of "Business Gazelle" and the distinction "Pearl of Kashubia" - awarded by the Starost of Kartuski for the continuous development of the company and many years of providing high standard services.

The company has 4 domestic branches and 2 foreign branches located in Slovakia and Lithuania. The headquarters of the company is located in Kartuzy.

MORAD Sp. z o.o. is a stable and predictable business partner with 100% Polish capital!
Morad Sp z o.o. / Headquarters
Kościerska street 13
83-300 Kartuzy

Morad Sp z o.o. / Warehouse
41 Tęczowa St.
80-209 Tuchom

Secretariat: +48 58 694 91 66

Valuations and technical advice on window, door and facade systems:
Tel: +48 58 694 91 12 , +48 58 694 91 59

Sales of aluminum profiles and hardware for tempered glass:
Tel: +48 58 694 91 51, +48 58 694 91 50, 691 943 030, 609 772 466

Valuations and technical advice on balustrade systems:
+48 58 694 91, 69 695 023 368, 539 955 760

Valuations and technical advice for fins, ventilation grilles:
Tel: +48 58 694 91 53, 605 880 506

Tel: +48 58 694 91 70

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