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SPLinx is a company engaged in the production and distribution of special paints and varnishes. Materials using physical and chemical phenomena causing surprising, interesting and useful visual effects or acting on the senses are increasingly popular among consumers. SPLinx was created in response to this ever-growing market need.

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been focusing on product innovation and independent workmanship, so from the very first days of our activity, the research and development team was one of the cornerstones of our market presence. A comprehensively equipped, modern laboratory complements the R&D team. All this makes the formulation and production of paints with special properties in our three key market segments - printing paints, construction paints, industrial paints - almost no secrets for us.

Although our products are already characterized by high quality appreciated by customers, we are constantly working to improve them. In this process, our customers participate, who often indicate to us what features and properties they expect us to pay special attention to in the production of special paints.

We can proudly say that SPLinx has probably the most comprehensive range of special paints in Poland. We manufacture and distribute paints and varnishes with sophisticated special effects used in three extremely important fields for the economy: printing, industry and construction.

Our offer includes, among others, metallic and fluorescent paints with various customized properties, chromatic paints that react with color change to various physical stimuli, includingincluding temperature, luminescent paints "glowing" in color under the influence of UV, IR and in the dark, scented paints, magnetic paints, scratch paints, pearl, interference, optically variable, structural paints and many, many others.

Despite the fact that the special paints segment is a narrow area of the paint market, we have tried to fill this niche entirely by targeting our customers with a relatively wide range of up to hundreds of products. In our extremely rich assortment, it is easy to find almost every type of special paint available on the market. We have grouped the special inks in such a way that finding the product the customer is looking for is relatively easy and straightforward. In addition to the main division into printing inks, construction inks and industrial inks, we have divided our special inks by action, ingredients or type of activating agent.

SPLinx's offer includes special paints dedicated to various purposes and applications. The rich assortment allows you to choose a specific product for your precise needs, even when they are very unusual requirements. Being aware that the richness of our product range makes it sometimes difficult to determine with certainty which paint will be best in a given case, together with the product we offer specialized knowledge and advice in the proper selection of paint for the project. This offer is especially aimed at those who do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of special paints.

We try to skillfully and appropriately select our paints and varnishes to meet the needs of our customers, taking into account such criteria as the type of application: printing, industry, construction, preferred technology: oil-based, water-based, solvent-based, UV-dried, polyurethane paints and varnishes, etc., the type of substrate on which the paint or varnish will be applied, resistance, durability, flexibility, gloss, intensity, end use.

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