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Special paints and varnishes: fluorescent, luminescent, metallic, thermochromic, photochromic, phosphorescent

09 of December '20

From the series "Paints - Innovations 2021"

Special paints and varnishes using physical and chemical phenomena that cause surprising, interesting and useful visual or sensory effects are increasingly popular among the public.

SPLinx are special paints: fluorescent, luminescent, metallic, thermochromic, photochromic, phosphorescent and many, many others allowing you to add value to your works. We are able to prepare special paints for surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard, wood, concrete, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramic tiles, furniture, old paint finishes, etc.

Glòries Tower w Barcelonie – wieża zmienia kolory w zależności od światła i temperatury pór roku © SPLinxGlòries Tower in Barcelona - the tower changes colors depending on the light and temperature of the seasons

© SPLinx

We can meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, the more unusual the issue the better. Our products are present in many representative objects in Poland and Europe, in music clubs, restaurants, casinos, Escape-Rooms, in the scenery of small and large sporting, artistic and theatrical events, in unusual interior design and architectural projects.

We have the ability to create paint that reacts to a particular wavelength of light, for example, paint that glows under UV light (so-called blacklight). Transparent paint in daylight, when the light is turned off and the UV lamps are lit, reveals a hidden world bursting with sumptuous colors. In this way, it is also possible to hide content that is only visible when the blacklight lamps are lit. Another example is fluorescent paints that shine with a bright, pure neon glow of orange, yellow-green or red, used in areas that are specifically intended to draw attention.

Thermochromic flooring that reacts to human body heat, on which footprints remain just like on a sandy beach, walls that react to touch, ice or warm air? A building facade with a photochromatic coating that changes color when exposed to sunlight? Do you dream of a facade charging with light during the day and glowing at night? How about a ceiling that shines at night with a feast of stars like the sky after dark? You can illuminate your nighttime environment both indoors and outdoors by painting with phosphorescent paints.

We have a specialized staff of professionals, including chemists, colorists and those who control the quality of products leaving the plant. We work with state-of-the-art measuring equipment to evaluate the special effect, color, rheological properties and resistance of our paints.

Project Monsoon, Seul – farby hydrochromowe na chodniku zabarwiają się po kontakcie z wodą (źródło: D&AD) © SPLinxProject Monsoon, Seoul - hydrochromic paints on sidewalk color after contact with water (source: D&AD)

© SPLinx

We can create a resilient epoxy resin that will perform well under mechanical wear and additionally be fluorescent. If you want "luminescent" pedestrian route markings on your epoxy floor, we can also find a solution for you. Glowing in the dark or under UV light grout, changing color under the influence of hot or cold water ceramic bathroom or floor tiles. White paints that transform into a transparent surface after contact with water or moisture. For us, almost nothing is impossible.

Among the solutions using our special paints and varnishes you can find interference decorations (shimmering and sparkling in different colors), variable-optical (changing colors depending on the angle of view) or pearl decorations. You can create a magical room for your child full of incredible interactive effects using fluorescent, phosphorescent (glowing at night), photochromic (responsive to light), thermochromic (responsive to temperature), blackboard paints on which you can draw with chalk, magnetic to which you can attach magnetized game elements, and many others. Build a fence with elements or patterns that appear in sunny weather. Create scented walls that release fragrance when rubbed with your hand. Paint a wall with conductive paints or that glow when plugged in. It's doable.

Our paints have been tested in various fields of industry and everyday life. In addition to classic application methods such as roller, brush, paint unit, our products are also used in professional industrial lines by spraying, roller, rotogravure, etc. SPLinx produces special paints that are not only suitable for indoor use, but also products that can be successfully used outdoors. We produce paints and varnishes in a variety of technologies from the most environmentally friendly water-based, through UV/Led curable products in the production process, ending with epoxy or solvent-based products. We configure paints for specific customer requirements. We tailor our coatings to the requirements of interior designers and architects. Our technical department is happy to face the most demanding and special topics in the field of coatings and special coatings.

 Klub muzyczny, Warszawa – farby fluorescencyjne i niewidoczne fluo (świecące pod UV) © SPLinx Music club, Warsaw - fluorescent and invisible fluo (glowing under UV) paints.

© SPLinx

SPLinx, to meet the current and pressing needs of the market, has introduced microbicidal (bactericidal and virucidal) products for household and professional use in its portfolio, intended for public buildings, including healthcare facilities. These are the VARNcoat VBcidal Ag+ series ( virucidal and bactericidal varnishes), VARNcoat DesinRes (disinfectant-protective varnishes) and VARNcoat CidalRes (biocidal and disinfectant-protective varnishes). The VARNcoat VBcidal and VARNcoat CidalRes series contain pigments that carry silver ions, which makes them highly effective against viruses and bacteria. Silver, known as a killer of viruses and bacteria, has been successfully used for years in the production of products aimed at combating these dangerous microorganisms. The greatest advantage of the products is the proven bactericidal and virucidal properties of 99%. SPLinx virucidal paint can be applied to an old stable paint coating, thus obtaining a resistant coating that kills viruses. SPLinx antiviral coatings come in transparent and colored versions.

We have several antiviral offerings from the antiviral wall coating itself to complete virucidal painting systems often consisting of three products and having resistance to mechanical exploitation and, above all, to the most common disinfectants. If we want to apply SPLinx virucidal products to other surfaces like walls, of course, there is no problem. Panels, tiles, wallpaper, concrete, wood? No problem at all. To create a permanent SPLinx virucidal system on one of the mentioned materials, all you need to do is use a suitable primer and you can enjoy the virucidal effect here as well.

For more information, visit the company's SPLinx Jacek Bisiorek page on the A&B portal.

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