The use of luminous paints under UV and at night, as well as metallic and fluo paints in the construction industry

Use of glowing paints under UV and at night
As well as metallic and fluo paints in the construction industry

In an era of ever-increasing search for new means and tools of communication, architects, interior designers, designers and other specialists in modeling and shaping space are increasingly turning to special paints and varnishes. They allow to create new visual effects, unique aesthetics, multidimensionality of space, forms filled with quasi-magical content or splendor of workmanship, transfer the user to an unknown world straight from science fiction or a land from children's dreams.

Farby fluorescencyjne
pod światłem UV

Fluorescent paints under UV light

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Metallic silver and gold paints

Paints imitating gold or silver can be used to create unique patterns, ornaments and decorations, luxurious, glamorous interiors and arrangements, decorating furniture, mirrors, paintings and other household objects. Metallic paints fit perfectly into the atmosphere of loft interiors, helping to create a post-industrial style specific to this type of space. Using silver and gold paints and their color mixtures, the creator can bring out the effect of pure metal on railings, pipes, radiators, factory equipment, installation elements or displays. Metallic paints also blend very well with natural materials such as stone and wood.

Farby świecące pod

UV luminescent paints

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Fluorescent paints

Fluorescent paints emit extremely bright and pure colors similar to advertising neon. In urban spaces, they create images of incredibly vivid, eye-catching and striking colors. We can view them, as it were, in two different scenographies: in daylight, when they show bright neon colors, and in the dark illuminated by UV lamps, when they shine brightly in contrast with the dark surroundings. They can form decorations of clubs, discos, theater and concert stages in the form of inscriptions or paintings that give the exposed place an interesting or exotic atmosphere. They are mainly used in places that are intended to attract attention, to attract the viewer with brightness, expressiveness and purity of color. When used in children's rooms, they create a fever of bright and flashy colors so much loved by toddlers. They also perform a warning and informational function by insistently focusing the observer's attention on themselves.

Farby złote

Gold paints

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UV luminescent paints

These paints are almost completely transparent or milky white in ordinary light, only when illuminated by UV lamps do they reveal a wide color palette. UV luminescent paints are used to create decorations and scenery for events, in clubs and discos, escape rooms, in modern art, etc. When the lights are turned off and the UV lamps are turned on, the viewer's eyes are shown an alternative world of colors and images that could not be seen at all before. The designer can use them for creating interesting and surprising murals. With UV-lit advertising banners, it is possible to create unusual effects visible only when the UV lamps are turned on.

Ścieżka rowerowa
z napisami fluorescencyjnymi

Bike path with fluorescent lettering

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Phosphorescent paints

Phosphorescent paints (known as glow in the dark) are paints that glow in the dark with their own light after being exposed ("charged") with daylight, artificial or UV light. These paints are almost completely transparent during the day, in night conditions or in a darkening situation they begin to glow with their own light. Phosphorescent paints include a facade that charges with light during the day and glows at night, changing its appearance under the influence of the natural cycles of day and night, a ceiling that glows at night like an after-dark sky dotted with stars, sidewalk elements that "light" the way for passersby, glow-in-the-dark fragments of decorations, ornaments, elements of costumes. They are also used to apply warning and information signs and traffic paths visible in the dark.

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