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CEMEX products friendly to nature

21 of September '22

CEMEX offers ecological solutions with unique properties. One of them is PERVIA path - a pavement with an open structure, having the ability to freely and quickly drain rainwater from the surface to deeper layers. The other product is the Vertua® family of reduced-carbon concretes. Depending on the solution, Vertua® products make it possible to reduceCO2 emissions by up to 50% compared to a reference concrete based on Portland cement CEM I 42.5R, the most popular in Poland.

PERVIA path is a solution that supports responsible water management, influencing the increase of groundwater resources and maintaining the balance of our environment. The less impervious surfaces, the less rainwater flows rapidly into drains and rivers, so that resources necessary for nature's functioning are not lost. This contributes to reducing the effects of flooding, which occurs during spring and summer.

Thanks to its unusual properties, PERVIA path absorbs water and transfers it to deeper levels of the soil, thus preventing rapid water inflow during heavy rains. This is made possible by a specially designed pavement consisting of a network of interconnected voids that allow water to flow freely.

Whether you need water-permeable concrete for a driveway or terrace, want to design decorative garden paths suitable for all weather conditions, or build a bike path, PERVIA path products will work well for any of these solutions.

The construction sector has been introducing tools for several years to accelerate the change towards sustainable construction. That's why it's so important to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete as the primary material used on every construction site. In response to climate change, the construction field must look for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

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CEMEX is taking action to protect the climate, with a goal of achieving a 35 percent reduction in individualCO2 emissions by 2030, and producing concrete with net zeroCO2 emissions by 2050.

An important step in achieving the strategic goals is the introduction of Vertua® low-emission concrete. The reduction inCO2 emissions is shown in % and volume [kg/m³] with respect to the corresponding reference concretes made with formulations based on the most popular Portland cement CEM I 42.5R.

The reduction inCO2 emission levels of Vertua® products is made possible by the carbon footprint-reduced components used in production. In addition to Vertua® classic (CO2 reduction of up to 30%) and Vertua® plus (CO2 reduction of up to 50%), the Vertua® family of concretes also includesCO2-neutral concretes - Vertua® zero concretes.

Vertua® is characterized by analogous properties to traditionally used concretes, so we can universally apply them at any stage of the project according to the designed concrete parameters. In addition, the use of Vertua® in a building subject to multi-criteria certification allows you to obtain additional points about the evaluated categories.

For CEMEX green products, contact:

  • Vertua® - Product Manager Piotr Cencek,,
    tel. 607238822
  • PERVIA - Product Manager Michal Kaluzynski ,,
    tel. 605744260

For more information about CEMEX green products, visit

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