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Hospice for children at the Solina Lake. A project by students of the Wrocław University of Technology

21 of August '23
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  1. Homely Hospice is a children's hospice by the Solina lake, designed by Dominika Bednarek and Aleksandra Tarnowska of Wrocław University of Technology, which was shortlisted for the Children's Hospice - Home for the Terminally ill Buildner platform.
  2. The students wanted the facility, located in a natural setting, to be associated more with a home than a medical facility.
  3. The hospice is divided into two parts - a public area, and a private area. An additional element is a horse stud, where hippotherapy classes are conducted.
  4. The construction of the lower floor is made using the frame and plate method, and the upper floor was made of prefabricated elements, with the possibility of future expansion.
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Dominika Bednarek and Aleksandra Tarnowska from the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology also took part in an international competition to design a hospice for children. As their goal, the students set out to create a facility that would resemble a home, rather than a medical facility. The plot of land they chose is located in the town of Polańczyk at the Solina lake, and in addition, the authors designed a horse stud on the site, where hippotherapy will be conducted. The Homely Hospice project was shortlisted for the competition.

Organizers of the conceptual competition Children's HospiceHome for the Terminally ill—Buildner platform were looking for examples of projects that are a tool to help people and bring solace. The location of the proposed facility was not specified—participants were asked to choose a place from their country of origin.

We wrote about the detailed guidelines, the composition of the jury and the results in our articles: on the awarded project by Anna StawiskaTree Houses and Nina Miloslawskaya—Under the cap.

On the other hand, the shortlist for the competition included the proposal by Dominika Bednarek and Aleksandra Tarnowska—Homely Hospice, made at the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology under the direction of Dr. Grażyna Hryncewicz-Lamber and Dr. Mark Lamber.

Do hospicjum prowadzi rampa

The hospice is located on a slope, and a ramp leads to it

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska

hospice by the Solina

The area of the study, which the students chose, is located in the village of Polańczyk, known for its numerous sanatoriums, situated by the Solina lake. The area is surrounded by nature, and the small number of neighboring buildings provides privacy for its future users. There is no shortage of recreational places for families with children in the area. According to the Local Land-Use Planning in effect on the plot, the area selected by the authors is intended for recreational and leisure facilities. The plot itself has a steep slope towards the lake, and behind its border grows dense tall greenery. There are also service buildings in the vicinity.

Hospicjum nad Soliną, aksonometria

Hospice on the Solina lake, axonometry

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska

Contact with the natural environment provides psychological comfort to the hospitalized. It guarantees silence and an appropriate microclimate. In addition, children have extensive green recreational and leisure areas at their disposal. In order for the youngest to feel comfortable on the hospice grounds, it must associate them with home, not a medical facility. So we provided the option of adding prefabricated rooms. This makes the hospice more flexible and provides privacy for the residents, the authors say.

Wszystkie pokoje są połączone za pomocą szklanego korytarza, z którego widać strefę wejściową

All rooms are connected by a glass corridor, from which the entrance area can be seen

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska


Contact with peers is also an important part of the therapy. Students have provided places for joint play and education. These include outdoor green areas and terraces, or an indoor common space and library. The hospice also has rooms for group as well as individual medical care, and a consultation space for parents.

Hospicjum nad Soliną, rzut poziomu 0

hospice on the Solina like, level 0 view

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska

The hospice building is divided into two parts. The first, public, is located on the first floor. It houses such functions as general recreation, catering, a section with medical offices, a chapel and a conference room. This part is mainly intended for people receiving day care at the center. Its space is characterized by large glazing, opening up to the surrounding nature. From this level, users have direct access to a viewing terrace.

Części wspólne hospicjum znajdują się na parterze

The hospice's common areas are located on the first floor

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska

The upper floor is occupied by the hotel part. It is intended for those who decide to stay longer at the hospice. Each room has a private bathroom and a specialized bed for the patient. All rooms are connected by a glass corridor, which overlooks the entrance areaa ramp on a slope surrounded by greenery.

Hospicjum nad Soliną, elewacje

hospice on the Solina lake, elevations

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska

The structure of the lower floor is made using the frame-and-panel method, and wood finishes predominate. The upper floor is designed with prefabricated wooden elements and can be expanded in the future.

Na terenie obiektu jest stadnina

There is a stud farm on the premises

© Dominika Bednarek, Aleksandra Tarnowska


The authors have also designed a stud farm where hippotherapy classes will be held.

Contact with animals improves well-being, calms down, supports mental health. It is also an attraction that will make the hospice more willing to be visited also by outsiders, not just patients. As a result, the facility will not be isolated from the rest of the village," Dominika and Aleksandra argue.

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