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Rest locally. Design of a Recreation Center in the center of Wrocław

28 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Bartosz Kuczynski of Wroclaw University of Technology, as part of his engineering thesis, made a design for a Local Recreation Center that could be built in the vicinity of the Zwierzyniecka Footbridge.
  2. His concept refers to the idea of a tree house and is divided into two parts - leisure and utility. The parts are united by a glass footbridge.
  3. The design takes into account light, the texture of materials, smells and views, creating an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.
  4. Inside the resort's interiors, users will find a Finnish sauna, a relaxing massage zone, a saltwater graduation tower and a café, among other facilities.
  5. The entire premise is in line with the idea of pleasure architecture.
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A {tag:studenci} from Wrocław University of Technology designed a Local Recreation Center, which could be built in the vicinity of the Zwierzyniecka Footbridge. The author, designing a building surrounded by greenery, referred to the idea of a tree house, and used CLT laminated wood as the main material. Visitors to the center would be able to enjoy a Finnish sauna, a massage, a cafe or walks along the Odra River, all to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The presented work is an engineering diploma made under the direction of Dr. Marek Piróg. The project received an honorable mention in the last edition of the Diploma with Archicad competition.

The Local Recreation Center is a building with a recreational function, designed to create a suitable atmosphere conducive to recreation. The main idea was to create a space that would be an answer to the contemporary problem of work-life balance in the city, where the user could relax in the surroundings of nature, explains Bartosz Kuczyński.

Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, sytuacja

A Local Recreation Center could be built on the Odra River in Wrocław

© Bartosz Kuczyński

Resting in the city

As a location, the student chose a plot of land right next to the Odra River, in close proximity to the Zwierzyniecka Footbridge. The area is covered with medium-high vegetation, and, according to the author, the quiet, well-connected to the center area is suitable for a place where a representative leisure facility could stand. It could also be the beginning of a positive transformation of the neighborhood.

Strefę wypoczynkową i użytkową łączy przeszklona kładka

"Hidden architecture, elevated above treetop level was the starting point for the building," he says.

© Bartosz Kuczyński

The existing lush greenery associated the young architect with the idea of a tree house.

Hidden architecture, elevated above the level of the treetops was the starting point for the building, which by its form is to draw from the natural qualities of the plot and at the same time, and above all, to disrupt as little as possible compositionally the area on which it stands, he explains.

Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, aksonometria  Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, aksonometria, podział

The leisure and utility zones are connected by a glass footbridge

© Bartosz Kuczyński

soothing the senses

The facility's utility program includes a Finnish sauna, a relaxing massage, a café located on the first floor of the building. From it, it is also possible to walk and descend all the way to the riverbank.

The author divided the functional layout of the center into two parts—the leisure (sacrum) and utility (profanum). The leisure part is located in a closed block allowing for a sense of privacy, while the utilitarian part is located in an open one facilitating contact with nature and the environment.

Część strefy wypoczynkowej

part of the rest area

© Bartosz Kuczyński

The connection of these zones by means of a glass footbridge was intended to build the impression of going outside—to create a feeling of transition. Rejecting what is negative and preparing internally for relaxation. On the other hand, the use of diverse design means was subordinated to creating an atmosphere of safety, sincerity, and tranquility," says Bartosz Kuczyński.

Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, rzut kondygnacji 0.

Local Recreation Center, floor plan 0.

© Bartosz Kuczyński

architecture of pleasure

The space we find ourselves in, the climate, the physical one and the one subjectively perceived by us, all these things influence our senses and define whether we will feel good or not in a given place. Light, material texture, proportions, dimensions, smell, view openings, everything in the design of the Local Recreation Center has been thought out in terms of its impact on the user. This treatment makes it possible to experience architecture, not just interact with it, the designer argues.

Ośrodek znajduje się na pełniej zieleni działce w pobliżu Odry  Strefa z natryskami

The center allows for relaxation and tranquility

© Bartosz Kuczyński

The premise was designed with CLT glulam technology, facilitating integration into the surroundings. The HPL panels on the facade are resistant to changing weather conditions, and large glazings illuminate the interiors and open them to the surroundings.

Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, plan zagospodarowania terenu

site plan and use of materials

© Bartosz Kuczyński

In the saunas, the author used solutions typical for this type of function. He finished the floor with a layer of micro-concrete, resistant to high temperatures and dirt. In addition, on the floor he placed a system wooden floor on a raised frame, possible for quick disassembly and thus easy disinfection.

Ośrodek Wypoczynku Lokalnego, przekrój A-A

Local Recreation Center, cross-section A-A

© Bartosz Kuczyński

The entire premise fits into the idea of pleasure architecture with an interesting form and a function needed by the residents of Wrocław. The result is a sustainable facility, with a function that allows the body and mind to rest [...]," the author concludes.

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