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Kestrels peeped in Cemex nesting boxes!

08 of May '23

Cemex has been supporting the protection of kestrels that inhabit the grounds of the company's cement plants since 2011. Over the years, the project run by the company has evolved and been enriched with new elements. However, from the very beginning, an important activity undertaken by Cemex is the ongoing monitoring of nests. This year, the company is also encouraging Internet users to closely observe what is happening in the nest boxes by holding a contest for them.

The kestrel is under strict species protection in Poland. An important element supporting its active protection is the installation of nesting boxes. Cemex has installed fourteen nesting boxes for representatives of this species at its cement plants in Chelm and Rudniki. By equipping selected boxes with cameras, we know that they are very popular among the birds. At the beginning of the season, not only kestrels, but also woodpigeons and jackdaws eagerly looked into the boxes, sometimes fighting fiercely for nesting places.

With the beginning of April, the first eggs appeared in one of the Rudnik nesting boxes. Kestrels lay them every two days or so, and only start incubating at the third. Unlike many other birds, this species does not litter the nest boxes, but lays its eggs directly on the gravel filling the box.

Konkurs — podpatrzone u pustułek

Contesting - previewed by kestrels


At the beginning of May came the most anticipated moment of the season, bearing fruit in the most interesting sightings. At the Kruszywowski Family the first chicks hatched! In connection with this, there is a lot going on in the nesting boxes, and all this can be followed by Internet users thanks to the live broadcast made available from the nests. Events in the life of birds are worth observing and documenting. This can enrich not only with valuable natural knowledge, but also with ornithological gadgets.

- In order to popularize knowledge about kestrels and engage internet users, we organized, together with an ornithologist cooperating with us, a contest for the most interesting observations from nest boxes," says Monika Wosik, Director of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development at Cemex Poland. - We have also invited external partners involved in the protection of kestrels to the contest, who, like us, hang nesting boxes and provide broadcasts on the Internet, she adds.

The "Sighted at Kestrels!" contest is open to all Internet users interested in bird life. Interesting nest sightings captured in a photo (e.g., screenshot of a broadcast), screen recording or multimedia presentation can be submitted until the end of July. Details of the contest can be found at Cemex invites you to participate in the contest and follow the nest transmissions located at and wishes all bird lovers fruitful observations!

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