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Results of the competition for the design of the permanent exhibition of the Princes Lubomirski Museum

09 of July '20

We know the results of the competition to design a concept for the arrangement of the permanent exhibition of the future Princes Lubomirski Museum in Wroclaw. From among the submitted works, the jury has selected the design by STUDIA 1:1 from Gdansk. Congratulations!

The purpose of the competition organized by the Ossoline National Institute and the Art Transparent Foundation was to select the most interesting scenographic concept for the permanent exhibition, which will be realized on the second floor of the new museum building. This is another stage of preparations for the opening of the facility. The design for the new headquarters of the Ossoline Museum of the Princes Lubomirski was selected in the 2018 competition, in which the WXCA studio won.

report on the announcement of the results

© organizers archive

competition assumptions

The conceptualdesign of the permanent exhibition was to include: a proposal for the form of presenting the monuments, preliminary designs of display cases and scenographic elements, as well as visual identification. The proposed solutions were to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, as well as the elderly and children. The design could include modern solutions such as multimedia, scent diffusers, sound systems, etc. Ecological solutions were preferred in the concept, including recycled materials and economical lighting, as well as specially designed seating areas, which could be a modern interpretation of the lounge furniture once found at the museum's Lviv headquarters. It was also important to include the possibility of educational activities in the exhibition space. The submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Dr. Adolf Juzwenko - chairman of the jury, director of the Ossoline National Institute,
  • Michał Bieniek - Art Transparent Foundation,
  • Piotr Górajec - Museum of the Palace of King John III in Wilanów,
  • Dr. Marcin Hamkało - Pan Tadeusz Museum,
  • Ewa Pluta - City Museum of Wroclaw,
  • Jacek Sutryk - Mayor of Wroclaw.

Nagroda Główna,
aranżacja wystawy

First place, the project was recognized for its coherent exhibition concept

© STUDIO 1:1

I place - STUDIO 1:1

The Competition Jury decided to award the Grand Prize of PLN 30,000 to STUDIO 1:1 from Gdansk. Responsible for the winning project are: Beata Szymańska, Jarosław Szymański, Krzysztof Orlof-Kowalski, Renata Piołunkowska, Beata Weselska, Dmytro Kalinichenko. The project was praised for its coherent exhibition concept utilizing the potential of the museum space.

As we read in the justification of the jury:

The separation of the vestibule, the vault and the cabinet of works on paper refers to the historical Lviv museum, but at the same time harmonizes with the other halls and the architectural design of the building. The freedom of movement and the large space of the other cabinets promote contemplation of the museum's [...]. Other multimedia presented more modestly in individual rooms do not disrupt the overall concept of the exhibition, but complement it. The color scheme corresponds to the body of the building, giving the museum a coherent whole. The separation of spaces in the picture gallery is conducive to conducting museum lessons, meetings, as well as relaxation during the visit. The design gives the possibility of adapting the rooms when replacing the objects.

2 ex aequo awards - ONTO, Aleksander Wadas Studio.

II nagroda
równorzędna, projekt studia ONTO

2nd equal prize


From among the works submitted for the competition, the jury decided to award 2 equal prizes of PLN 15,000. The project by Kai Nosal, Anna Wręga and Natalia Koziel from ONTO studio was awarded for attention to elements related to the exhibition's accessibility for all age groups and people with disabilities.

II nagroda
równorzędna, projekt Aleksander Wadas Studio

Second equal prize, the project refers to the original color scheme of the Lviv museum

© Aleksander Wadas Studio

Meanwhile, Aleksander W adas received the award for design solutions that harmonize with the modern architecture of the building and the arrangement that serves as a background for the exhibits on display. The jury noticed the skillfully and subtly woven "traces of continuity" - The color scheme refers to the original color scheme of the Lviv museum, the form of the display cases refers to the old museum furniture, and their arches suggest the shape of the vaults. Unobtrusive elements become clues through which the old history can be read.

The winning authors will work with the Ossolineum on the final exhibition concept. You can read more about the contest's objectives here.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of the organizers

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