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The results of the voting for the Audience Award in the "Best Interior Diploma" competition.

Dobrawa Bies
06 of October '21

Online voting for the Audience Award in the first edition of the "Best Interior Design Diploma" competition has ended. First place went to the project by Inez Sluziewicz from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk - "Woven in Space. The language of matter in the space of time. Project of partial adaptation of the space of the Red Barracks - Łąkowa 59 in Gdańsk for interiors of a co-work character". Congratulations!

In early October this year, we settled the first edition of the competition for the best student diploma in interior design. The competition included bachelor's and master's theses defended in 2019-2021. From among the projects nominated for the finals, the jury selected, four awarding the first prize to Veronica Wojciuk, the second ex aequo to Aneta Lehmann and Paulina Borysik, and the third to Veronica Cwanek.

Nagroda Publiczności
w pierwszej edycji konkursu Najlepszy Dyplom WNĘTRZA

Audience Award proj.: Inez Sluziewicz
AUTHOR: Inez Sluziewicz (Faculty of Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk).
PROMOTOR: Anna Wejkowska-Lipska, Ph.D., professor, Academy of Fine Arts.

© Inez Sluziewicz

At the same time, in September this year, we gave the vote to A&B readers by announcing a contest for the Audience Award. Internet users could vote for a month for their favorite graduation project. The winner was the bachelor's thesis by Inez Sluziewicz, prepared under the direction of Dr. Anna Wejkowska-Lipska prof. at the Faculty of Interior Design and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, which received a total of 11758 votes. The next place was taken by Kseniya Makala 's thesis entitled "Jododajnia- the design of an urban indoor brine graduation tower with an art gallery on the mezzanine and a café in Katowice" from the Silesian University of Technology with a total of 11285 votes . Next was the master's thesis entitled. "Zakole Sztuki" by Paulina Borysik from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, which received 5751 votes. Full voting results can be found here.

przestrzeń coworkingowa w Koszarach Czerwonych

The designed coworking space in the Red Barracks

© Inez Sluziewicz

"woven" coworking spaces

"Woven in space. The language of matter in the space of time. The project of partial adaptation of the space of the Red Barracks - Łąkowa 59 in Gdańsk for co-working interiors", as this is the full name of Inez Sługiewicz's diploma project, is a proposal to complement, "touch" the existing architectural space with two materials - brick and fabric.

Tkany element
w przestrzeni coworkingowej

A woven element in a coworking space

© Inez Sluziewicz

The diploma project fulfills the function of a co-working space, with an emphasis on the possibility of renting specific rooms to people working in different ways together, in accordance with collaborative consumption [...]. The contemporary brick shapes used in the project are intended to smooth out the irregular interiors. The fabric, on the other hand, thanks to the author's braiding and stretching of the fibers on the created frame, creates a transparent, enveloping, as well as geometrizing layer of matter on the walls, allowing one to see the old brick behind it. Also an important motif in the project is the photography of one of the Bauhaus women, Lucia Moholy. The chiaroscuro effect inspired by her work interestingly complements the whole designed space," writes the author of the awarded diploma.

Congratulations to all participants of the competition! We would like to remind you that, the next edition of the Best Interior Design Diploma competition has already started - all students and graduates of interior architecture and design majors from 2020-2022 are invited to participate. We would also like to remind you about the second competition category - Best ARCHITECTURE Diploma, which, continuously since 2012, gathers the best projects in the field of architecture!


Illustrations: © Author | A&B archives

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