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Freshly baked interior of a bakery in Kraków, Poland

02 of October '20

A place for lovers of traditional baked goods, baked without artificial additives, has been established in Kraków's Grzegórzki district. "Świeżo upieczona" is a family-owned, artisan bakery. Its minimalist yet warm interior was designed by Noww Studio.

The "Freshly Baked" Bakery is a small place where we can both buy baked goods and have a bite to eat. For this reason, it was most important to achieve a balance between the sales part and the production part, since the baked goods at "Freshly Baked" are made on site. Thanks to the use of openwork partitions in the form of shelves and the bakery's customers have a view of the production part.
As the designers emphasize:

We wanted to make the production part transparent, which was achieved thanks to an openwork wall dividing the above-mentioned functions. This wall is a visual separation, but also a table for customers and a rack for products needed in the production part. Additional functions are storage rooms, but here it was possible to use existing rooms.

Openwork partition

© Noww Studio

minimalistic and cozy

The main accent in the interior is light, natural wood. It corresponds with the different shades of baked goods and creates a cozy atmosphere. The whole is enlivened by various shades of green, from pastel stools in mint t ones to dark, deep tones of plush seat upholstery. Combined with the plants present in the interior, this creates a very pleasant whole. Wojciech Nowak of Noww Studio says this about the selected color scheme:

We wanted to create a nice, light and pleasant interior. We wanted to introduce a color scheme that matched the character and appeal of the owner. We managed to create a bright and fresh interior that puts a sleepy customer in a positive mood.

The bakery's customer section

© Noww Studio

pleasure of design

Designing an interior that needs to accommodate several functionalities without being too spacious can be tricky. However, the designers at Noww Studio handled it well. Asked about the biggest challenge of this project, they answer:

We adopted a space in which we could not interfere with the floor and ceiling, which, to be honest, were not conducive to easy design. We had to grapple with creating a design that would divert attention away from the existing surfaces, yet work well with them. The rest was a pleasure.

studio from Krakow

Noww Studio is a small design studio from Krakow founded and run by Wojciech Nowak. It specializes in original interiors with attention to detail. As we read on the studio's website:

We like to design and create beautiful and timeless things. Our leitmotif is design that draws inspiration in what is real, realistic and honest. Hence the references to the colors of a morning hall amidst the peaks of the Tatra Mountains, the texture of a grayed board from a bridge stretching over the waters of the Solina River, a spatial structure inspired by the rough, industrial character of the production hall at the Porcelain Factory in Katowice.

Helena Postawka-Lech

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