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Fashionable gas fireplace solutions - get ready for autumn!

29 of May '20

Although the sun is shining outside the window and temperatures are already reaching over 23 degrees Celsius, it is worth thinking about the upcoming heating season. An alternative to traditional wood-burning fireplaces are gas fireplaces. This will come in handy especially for residents of Krakow, where solid fuel burning is banned, but also for everyone who cares about the environment.

Modern technologies have accustomed us to the idea that interiors should be both beautiful and functional. Original design should go hand in hand with practicality, ease of installation and operation. What items we choose for the home are determined by the convenience of their use and safety. Gas fireplaces are a good solution for those who want to enjoy the glow and warmth of a fire "instantly". With a single snap, you can enjoy both the beauty of the playing flames and the pleasant temperature.

fireplace without adding wood

Kominki gazowe - modne i ekologiczne rozwiązanie

gas fireplaces are distinguished by their natural fire vision and elegant, minimalist design.

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Gas fireplaces can be installed in almost any room - they do not require a traditional chimney. The devices can be connected to a system of coaxial ducts, which simply need to be routed outside the building wall or roof. The range of possibilities for installing a gas fireplace is really rich! Even owners of small spaces can enjoy a realistic vision of the fire, which is exactly the same as in traditional fireplaces. A huge advantage is also that the device uses natural gas or LPG, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also economical. An hour of burning in a gas fireplace costs only 1.52 PLN!

ashless fireplace

Many people give up on the fireplace, having in their minds the tedious hours spent preparing firewood, drying it, and then carrying out the ashes and cleaning the hearth. In the case of gas fireplaces, distinguished by their natural fire vision and sleek, minimalist design, operation of the fireplace comes down to turning it on, possibly adjusting the flame height and turning it off. And all by remote control or phone. The device is turned on as easily as a TV. Carefree moments of relaxation by the glow of the fire in a pleasant atmosphere are not disturbed by thoughts of cleaning.

Gas fireplace not only for modern interiors

Kominki gazowe do każdego wnętrza

The radiant heat effect from the gas flame is identical to that of burning wood

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Thanks to their universal design, they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of any interior. They lend warmth and coziness to glamour arrangements; they are an indispensable element of living rooms inspired by Scandinavia and the northern philosophy of hygge. The glow of a live fire can also not be missing in "homes with soul " - interiors in a boho, retro climate is also an ideal place for a gas fireplace.

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