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Weronika Wojciuk - "Conceptual design of a meditation center in Madeira".

05 of May '21
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Author: Veronika Wojciuk

Dr. Grzegorz Maślewski, Aleksandra Truchel-Treder

The work concerns the conceptual design of a meditation center, which is designed for spiritual development and therapeutic support for people with multifaceted personal development needs. The project shows how the psyche and life of an individual in the surrounding world can be influenced through the use of architectural expressions. A meditation room, spa area, retreat house, therapy room and guest suite were developed. The climate of Madeira proved to be the perfect backdrop for the facility, providing rest and regeneration of body and soul. The development of the functional and spatial layout of the first floor was carried out in cooperation with Agata Mokwińska.

Sala do medytacji

meditation room

© Weronika Wojciuk

meditation room

The interior of the meditation room is a vast and clear space. It is dominated by the subtle gray of tadelakt on the walls and the floor made of stone. The softened color scheme is conducive to soothing the mind and concentration. As a result, the green comes to the fore and attracts the eye. Simplicity, modesty and a reduction of details create a minimalist decor where one can focus on what matters most. Texture, form, material structure also played an important role in this space, rather than literal décor, which could distract and distract from the essence of things. The greenery framed in a circular niche gives life to this space, it fits in naturally, without a clear division between inside and outside.

Centrum, rzut Strefa SPA, basen

A projection of the center and exterior of the SPA

© Weronika Wojciuk

SPA zone

When designing the SPA zone, I kept in mind the impact of the environment on stimulating the senses and providing all the comforts for guests, so that being in the SPA zone was a pleasant experience for the body and soul. The materials used, the multi-purpose lighting and the composition are intended to promote functionality, relaxation and provide solace for the senses.

Sala basenowa

pool room

© Weronika Wojciuk

pool room

The pool room is a room in which we sense a free, flowing rhythm dictated by the shape of the line separating the pool space, the rippling wall and the water itself. The rhythmic alternation of conspicuous concave and convex shapes gives the effect of order and harmony. I wanted the interior to force the onlooker to actively observe the forms and their juxtapositions. There is a kind of balance between the contrasting solids. The three massive, simple modules of the rooms, which house the saunas and the massage room, balance the edginess present in the bathing area. The whole creates a coherent composition.

Wnętrze apartamentu

interior of the apartment

© Weronika Wojciuk


The apartment I created is a combination of luxury and austerity, creating, in a way, the atmosphere of a cozy cave. Keeping sustainable design in mind, I looked for natural materials for the interior finishes. It turned out to be a very good idea to use clay, which gave character to the whole space. We feel well surrounded by materials that evoke emotions and have a natural charm. A modern person, spending long hours at work, rarely has the opportunity to interact with such materials; it is pleasant to take our eyes off synthetic materials and touch raw rock, feel the power of nature.

Gabinet terapeutyczny

therapy cabinet

© Veronika Wojciuk

therapy cabinet

When designing one of the two therapy offices, I focused on creating the right mood for those sensitive to the aesthetics of their surroundings. I wanted the interior to be a far cry from therapy rooms with a cool and sterile atmosphere, which unfortunately often appears in public and private facilities. The designed office is a very clear room, and at the same time intriguing due to the varied furniture forms. The selected furniture comes from different collections and is the work of many designers. Thanks to their dissimilarity, the interior acquires plastic depth and informal balance. You can follow their shapes separately while feeling the coherence of the composition.

Dom odosobnienia

house of retreat

© Weronika Wojciuk

retreat house

In designing the house of retreat, I used an ascetic vision of a living unit. The place is intended for a viewer who literally wants to separate himself from traditional residential forms. The interior is lofty and stripped down, bringing one into a state of concentration and contemplation. It presents a space far removed from Western stylistic thought, often filled with stimuli and messages.

Veronika Wojciuk

Illustrations: © Author

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