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Skyscraper in Mokotow designed by JEMS Architekci

06 of February '20
Technical data
Name: Headquarters of Transport Technical Supervision
Investor: Transport Technical Supervision
Location: , Warsaw, Poland.
Author team: Olgierd Jagiełło, Paweł Majkusiak, Marek Moskal, Karol Olechnicki, Maciej Rydz, Mai Bui Ngoc, Małgorzata Charazińska, Anna Bilińska, Magdalena Sakowicz


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23 674 m²

In Warsaw's Mokotow district, at the intersection of Pulawska, Domaniewska and Bukowinska streets, a nineteen-story skyscraper designed by the JEMS Architekci team has been erected - the new headquarters of Transport Technical Supervision.

The 63-meter tall building visually encloses one of Warsaw's longest streets. The triangular plot on which it was located determined its irregular shape. The building is composed of two interconnected blocks - a high tower and a lower part running along Pulawska Street.

Depending on the point of view, the office building presents itself quite differently - from the side of Pulawska street the building's facade forms a frontage, from the side of Idzikowskiego street the block is the tallest and narrowest, sloping stepwise to the right, while the whole building can be seen from Domaniewska street.


Headquarters of Transport Technical Supervision

Photo: Juliusz Sokołowski © JEMS Architekci

The skyscraper is made of concrete of a warm gray hue. The whole building is maintained in various shades of gray - from the warm tones on the facade, through the cooler coloring of concrete in the interiors, to graphite details and additional elements made of other construction materials. Through the monochromatic facade, proportional windows and rhythmic divisions, the architects alluded to the development located on the opposite side of the street.


Headquarters of the Transport Technical Supervision

Photo: Juliusz Sokolowski © JEMS Architekci

The new headquarters of Transport Technical Inspection consists of three functionally independent parts - a conference area is located on the second floor, TDT offices and training and examination rooms on levels 2 to 6, and a hotel for conference and training participants coming to Warsaw on the remaining floors. A service area and restaurant are also planned for the first floor, and a two-story parking lot is planned under the building.


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