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Wroclaw design in a Krakow gallery

Dobrawa Bies
20 of August '20

We invite you to an exhibition of works by students and graduates of the Eugeniusz Geppert Chair of Design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, featuring unusual everyday objects, designs for alternative means of transportation and educational toys.

Creativity, originality and new solutions, materials and forms - these are the hallmarks of the exhibition, which can be seen in Cracow's 83 Tetmajera Gallery until September 28 this year. It features projects prepared as part of master's and bachelor's theses by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw.

Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw

The design curriculum is based on groups of basic and directional subjects. Students are prepared to design industrial forms based on a wide range of knowledge of a humanistic nature and acquired specialized skills, as well as general art education. During the course of study, topics include the design of products of diverse construction and function, means of transportation, visual messages and complex information structures and packaging, the design of tools and work environments, everyday objects and jewelry, and kinetic objects. The structure of the Department of Design includes six diploma studios - Product Design, Means of Transportation Design, Visual Communication Design, Tool and Work Environment Design, Jewelry and Kinetic Design.

innovative projects at krakow exhibition

The exhibition at the Tetmajera 83 gallery in Cracow features their works:

  • Anna Andrzejewska - a desk with an extended utility program and a table for preparing and celebrating meals on the plot,
  • Weronika Żytko - a chair-seat for work using body balance and an armchair inspired by traditional manufacturing using natural materials,
  • Marta Karkocha - an inclusive toy Jungo! that teaches cooperation and does not impose stereotypes,
  • Aleksandra Kuc - plywood bicycle for learning to ride,
  • Jakub Sypuła - a mobile winch for extreme sports and a three-wheeled means of transport in one,
  • Anna Wozniakowska - allotment fruit and vegetable processor,
  • Karolina Pawlowska - folding bicycle,
  • Natalia Nowakowska - Harmonica camping furniture set,
  • Natalia Wisniewska - a product supporting the functioning of people with upper limb amputation,
  • Martyna Pluczyk - a project for an educational game about Silesian culture entitled Godosh or You Say,
  • Aleksandra Jędrzejewska - visual identification of a cycling company,
  • Dominika Rudnicka - a product to support the functioning in the apartment of people with low height.


  • duration: until September 28 this year.
  • place: 83 Tetmajera Gallery, Cracow

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illustrations courtesy of 83 Tetmajera Gallery

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