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Natalia Grzywacz - "Balance - space for active recreation. Adaptation of a railroad viaduct in Szczecin".

27 of April '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Author: Natalia Grzywacz
University: Faculty of Interior Design and Virtual Space at the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

Dr. Dominika Zawojska-Kuriata


"Relief architectural structures in the space of the decommissioned railroad viaduct on Ku Słońcu Street in Szczecin".

Promoter of the annex:

Dr. hab. Małgorzata Kopczyńska-Matusewicz prof. AS

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The subject of the above thesis was the revitalization of the space of the decommissioned railroad viaduct on Ku Słońcu Street in Szczecin. Transformation of this area into an active leisure space will enrich the city with another place conducive to socializing and relaxation. The most important issue in the project was to provide residents with adequate public spaces.

Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie, elewacja

Adaptation of a railroad viaduct in Szczecin

© Natalia Grzywacz

The newly designed place has an area of 479.5 square meters and has been divided into zones of cafes, promenades, a traffic route, green areas, an exhibition area and two buildings with a reading room function. The project's name, "Balance," is meant to suggest to the public what they can expect when using the viaduct space: it is meant to bring balance and serenity into their lives.

Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie, makieta projektu

Adaptation of the railroad viaduct in Szczecin, project mockup

© Natalia Grzywacz

The facilities with a reading room function are located at two opposite ends of the complex. The larger of the reading rooms is 75.1 square meters, while the smaller is 64.6 square meters. The facilities have two floors: the first floor contains bookshelves, coffee tables and seating; the upper level is occupied by the reading rooms and a terrace that offers a view of the entire complex. Coffee tables and seating are also located here. On the first floor, in the reading rooms, there is also a storage room for the recliners used during movie screenings.

Na parterze znajdują się regały z książkami, stoliki kawowe oraz siedziska

On the first floor there are bookshelves, coffee tables and seating

© Natalia Grzywacz

Those wishing to use the reading room facilities must download a special application for their phone, with which they will open the doors to the facilities, and will also be able to borrow books to take home.

Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie, przestrzeń do relaksu

Adaptation of a railroad viaduct in Szczecin, a space for relaxation

© Natalia Grzywacz

The promenades located in the park are intended to encourage users to rest and relax, and are an alternative to the path that crosses the entire complex, whose main task is to improve communication in the bridge area. The greenery in the project was set in large pots with a height of 30 to 45 centimeters.

Zieleń w projekcie została osadzona w dużych donicach

The greenery in the project has been set in large pots

© Natalia Grzywacz

The exhibition space is a display unit, the form of which allows various uses (exhibitions, fairs, shows).

Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie, rysunek techniczny

Adaptation of a railroad viaduct in Szczecin, technical drawing.

© Natalia Grzywacz

The café areas include vending machines with foodstuffs, as well as seats and tables placed outdoors. They have taken on geometric forms and harmonize with the overall newly arranged space.

Przestrzeń wystawienniczą stanowi ekspozytor, którego forma umożliwia różne sposoby wykorzystania

The exhibition space is made up of a display unit, the form of which allows for various uses

© Natalia Grzywacz

The seats are 45 centimeters high, most of them equipped with backrests; the tables are 75 centimeters high. The designed shapes of the dining areas take into account places for small and large groups of people.

Adaptacja wiaduktu kolejowego w Szczecinie, rysunek techniczny

floor plan of floors 0 and 1

© Natalia Grzywacz

Most of the café spaces are obscured by shelters to protect them from the sun and precipitation. Racks with pergolas are attached to the canopies of the shelters. The display and sheds are part of the annex.

Przestrzeń do relaksu na wolnym powietrzu

outdoor relaxation space

© Natalia Grzywacz

Since the bridge is more than 5 meters above the ground, the entire area is surrounded by railings 110 centimeters high to ensure the safety of users.


Illustrations © Author

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