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Aneta Lehmann - "Good Solitude. The architecture of co-existence and community"

01 of December '20
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2019
Name: "Architecture of coexistence and community".
Author: Aneta Lehmann

Prof. Jacek Dominiczak (Urban Interior Design Studio).

Loneliness is a natural part of human life. Centuries of philosophy have provided us with numerous, often contradictory definitions and attempts to value it. Differing opinions lead to the conclusion that humanity is based on the balance between being individual and being aware of the presence of the Other. Within the framework of the project I undertook, I proposed such an architectural and urban form that allows one to fully enjoy the bounty of solitude without falling into the grip of a nagging loneliness.

Aksonometria założenia

"Good solitude" was to become a kind of city within a city

© Aneta Lehmann

The task we faced as a group of graduate students in Professor Jacek Dominiczak's Urban Interior Design Studio was based on developing the seed of a new city - the seed of the city - designed in the spirit of dialogue. Each of us worked within a quarter of 100 by 100 meters (with two exceptions) and with continuous frontages of main streets 12 meters high. Intimate streets run between the quarters, while streets designed to handle more intensive automobile traffic were routed around them. The choice of aesthetic means, including finishing materials, was not imposed, and the situation of dialogue was to play out primarily between the blocks. As a result of the architectural conversation, a new internal street grid was created, which connected directly adjacent quarters.


"In my own quarter I wanted to create a sanctuary of good solitude, an intimate place, although composed of independent individualities."

© Aneta Lehmann

In my own quarter I wanted to create a refuge of good solitude, an intimate place, though composed of independent individualities. From the beginning I worked in the fine scale of apartments, which I gradually combined into architectural structures. What was important to me were the spaces of relationships - the place of their formation, their orientation and the possibilities of their existence. The stage of simple sketches and diagrams strengthened my conviction that the architecture of "Good Solitude" should turn to its interior. Otherwise the inner courtyards will become non-places, passable spaces belonging to no one and absent from the consciousness of the residents - what is not seen, does not exist.

Schemat przestrzeni
relacji Rzut mieszkań

The proposed layout of the interior of the apartments is the result of an analysis of the interior of the family western type

© Aneta Lehmann

"Good solitude" was to become a kind of city within a city. A city, on the other hand, is characterized by the fact that its architecture serves a variety of functions - residential, as well as service and commercial - which translates not only into living comfort, but also into economic stability. I therefore decided to separate the zone of commercial and service establishments from the strictly residential part. Thus, I allowed the flow of urban space from neighboring quarters, and the clearly marked vertical boundary increases the security of the quarter's residents. In this way, the first floor of the establishment serves not only loners, but also residents and users of nearby quarters, so the chance of economic stability of the premises increases significantly.

Wewnętrza oś
widokowa osiedla

internal view axis of the estate

© Aneta Lehmann

The verticality of the complex became its distinctive feature, entailing decisions that made up the system of architectural messages. The first of the private floors, although dense, has been fragmented into residential units that weld together almost private urban interiors. Thus, intimate passageways, a small courtyard, dodges, offsets and alleys accessible by design only to residents appear there. The spatial organization of "Good Solitude" is a kind of urban fractal, which separates a quarter from the city, divides the quarter into smaller parts, and in each of them determines further urban structures.

Targ w strefie

A market in a public area

© Aneta Lehmann

The proposed interior layout of the apartments is the result of an analysis of the interior of a Western-type family. In the case of the solitary, I considered it extremely important to separate the guest zone from the private zone. The layout of the living area situates the resident face to face with the Other, and meetings in a larger group are facilitated by the most important piece of equipment - a large table. In turn, the introduction of an additional guest toilet and separating it from the heart of the house positively affects the comfort of its use. In an era of dynamic social changes, it is of great importance that each apartment has a separate entrance directly from the courtyard. In addition, the favorable layout of structural walls and risers allows spatial modifications.

The diploma is published as part of the Best Diploma - Interiors competition.

Aneta Lehmann

© Author

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