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Architects facing an epidemic

10 of April '20

The outbreak has affected most professional circles, and many have had to suspend their activities or change the way they work to ensure the safety of the team. Among others, interior architects continue to carry out orders. What does their work look like these days? What has changed? Do they see any positive aspects of this situation?

The ability to work remotely allows architectural studios to complete projects started before the introduction of the coronavirus restrictions without any obstacles. Aga Kobus and Grzegorz Goworek from Studio, among others, continue their work . O.

trust the basis of a successful project

In the current working environment, what matters most is mutual trust - whether satisfactory solutions can be found without meetings and frequent contact, and whether the result will hit the customers' tastes, depends largely on experience and previously developed relationships.

Our environment is very lucky, because at certain stages, our work, we can do from anywhere in the world. As Studio. O. we have completed projects in London, Munich, Bali or the Netherlands, so we have mastered remote project execution to perfection. Customers have a lot of trust in us, and this is the best review of our work," explains Grzegorz Goworek.

home - a safe asylum

All of us have been functioning for some time in a changed reality, the main axis of which is home. Whether we feel good in it, whether it is a safe place for us, where we rest from everyday stress, depends mainly on whether the project was well thought out and entrusted to architects who understand our needs and lifestyle.

The current situation, where many people are subjecting themselves to voluntary isolation, is a test of sorts. If we stay in our homes for so long, we feel comfortable - it means that the design was tailor-made, perfectly adapted to our needs and lifestyle. We try to approach our realizations in exactly this way. Nothing happens by chance - we don't follow trends. We are committed to ensuring that the house reflects the character and tastes of our clients, is a refuge for them and a place where they find peace," says Aga Kobus.

time for reflection

Despite the challenges that the current situation brings, Aga Kobus and Grzegorz Goworek also try to see its advantages. The positive side of staying within four walls is time for reflection, to focus on what we have so far lacked time for... Catching up on industry reading, verifying our previous work style, looking at what we do from a completely new perspective. It's a lesson that can teach us a lot.

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