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NIAiU Award - 3rd edition of the competition "Shared space is a value"

Dobrawa Bies
19 of August '20

Attention fresh graduates! We would like to remind you about the competition for the best master's theses and design diplomas defended in 2019/2020. organized by the National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism. You have until September 7 this year to submit your works.

"Shared space is a value" is the 3rd edition of the competition for the best master's theses defended in 2019/2020. The main goal of the competition is to motivate male and female students to take up the topic of shared and public spaces and public utility in their master's theses, and to promote the best diplomas.

As every year, awards are given in two categories: theoretical and design.

theoretical category

In the theoretical category, works describing phenomena in public space, concerning public buildings, typologies, history and socio-economic changes will be evaluated. Works in the fields of: art history, architectural history, architectural theory, demographic processes, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, economics, cultural studies, protection of cultural property, environmental protection, law, management, and all other and all other aspects concerning the formation and functioning of buildings and common spaces.

Jury of the theoretical category:

  • Dr. Tomasz Slawinski - deputy director of NIAiU
  • Tomasz Fudala - curator of the MNS
  • dr. hab. Marta Leśniakowska - IS PAN

design cateogory

The design category applies to works in the field of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, spatial management, design, graphic design, conservation of monuments and related fields including projects concerning public spaces: squares, streets, green spaces, recreational spaces, sports facilities, urban scale projects: urban planning projects, revitalization strategies and public buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices, cultural facilities.

Jury of the design category:

  • Dr. Boleslaw Stelmach - director of NIAiU,
  • Magdalena Federowicz-Boule
  • Dr. Jerzy Grochulski

competition calendar and awards

Cash prizes of PLN 10,000 and two honorable mentions of PLN 5,000 each are envisaged in each category.

  • deadline for submitting works: until September 7 this year.
  • address: works should be sent by mail or delivered in person to the headquarters of NIAiU, 4 Foksal Street, 00-366 Warsaw.
  • announcement of results: October 9 this year.

More information and regulations on the website of the contest.

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