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Bid on a child's smile with the I Have a Dream Foundation

21 of March '22

On March 25, 2022, the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion will host a panel discussion for interior designers, accompanying the third edition of the "Dream Auction" project. - a charitable initiative co-organized by the Desa Unicum Auction House for the benefit of the charges of the Mam Marzenie Foundation. The purpose of the workshop will be to show solutions for the interaction between architecture and contemporary art, as well as to gain knowledge in the field of art collecting.

The Mam Marzenie Foundation's mission is to make dreams come true for children aged 3-18 with life-threatening diseases. Through its activities, the Foundation provides sick children and their families with unforgettable experiences, bringing joy to their lives, strength to fight the disease and hope for the future. Volunteers undertake a range of activities to motivate and inspire all those interested in helping the Foundation and making the dreams of young patients come true. Art can help in their realization - its beauty makes the world a better place, and at the same time, thanks to collectors and projects such as the "Dream Auction," art becomes a tangible good for those who need care the most - sick children.

We make dreams come true

The "Dream Auction" project is a charity online auction combined with an exhibition of selected works by young artists organized in cooperation with the Desa Unicum auction house. Dozens of exceptional works of recent art artists will be the subject of the next edition of the auction in April 2022, the total proceeds of which will be allocated to fulfill the dreams of the wards of the Mam Marzenie Foundation - children with life-threatening diseases.

Thanks to the cooperation with partners, the 3rd Dream Auction will be accompanied by a pre-auction exhibition at the TLEN Art Gallery, as well as stationary workshops at the ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion. The final charity auction co-organized in front of Desa Unicum Auction House will take place from April 8 to 22, 2022. The total proceeds will go towards realizing the dreams of the wards of the Mam Marzenie Foundation.

Grzegorz Goworek

Grzegorz Goworek

Let's talk about art

This Friday, March 25 at 6pm, co-owner of the STUDIOORGANIC studio specializing in complex solid and interior designs, Grzegorz Goworek will share his thoughts on the implementation of art in architecture at ZODIAK. The meeting will also feature a journalist, art curator, architecture and design expert, and long-time editor of the magazine "Dom i Wnętrze". Ewa Mierzejewska, who will tell architects how to start collecting art. Also participating in the discussion will be arch. Roland Stańczyk of RS Design Studio.

Ewa Mierzejewska Roland Stańczyk

Ewa Mierzejewska and Roland Stańczyk

Marketing Manager of Cosentino, Aneta Konowrocka will talk about the applications of interior materials to create art. Cosentino is a Spanish-originated manufacturer of large-format architectural surfaces such as Silestone, Dekton and Sensa by Cosentino, which operates worldwide. The company's overarching values are quality, innovation and responsibility, which Cosentino follows by not only creating new collections for its brands, but also by regularly engaging in local initiatives to promote more sustainable solutions, or the use of art in architecture. These values have also led to collaborations between the "I Have a Dream" Foundation and numerous partners linked to the world of art and architecture, which aim to help the foundation's charges. Admission to the event is free.

Aneta Konowrocka

Aneta Konowrocka

ZODIAK Warsaw Architecture Pavilion
Warsaw, Stefan Wiechecki "Wiecha" Passage 4

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