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Paradyż Ceramics has once again supported the conservation-architectural dialogue

14 of November '21

On November 17 and 18, the 13th National Conservator-Architectonic Conference "Between Orthodoxy and Creation. Conservator-architectural dialogue 2021". Ceramika Paradyż took the event under its patronage for the third time.

The need for mutual dialogue

Since the first edition of the conference in 2009, the organizers have focused on the challenges that today and in the future will determine the further development of the conservation and investment market in our country. Ceramika Paradyż, which creates innovative collections of ceramic tiles, recognizes the need for mutual dialogue and exchange of experiences regarding investment-architectural projects under conservation protection. An excellent example of conscious and responsible design is the Modernizm collection, which fits in with these assumptions, with its iconic corsets designed by Maja Ganszyniec - an extremely sensitive designer, with whom Ceramika Paradyz will soon announce another very interesting project.

ennoblement and protection of monuments

The slogan of this year's edition, which was held in a hybrid formula, was "Nobilitation through Revitalization. Modernist and post-industrial architecture a chance for new thinking about the role of central urban districts." Nineteenth- and twentieth-century post-industrial architecture, which is now̨ located in city centers, provides an opportunity not only to revitalize existing buildings, but also to create entire assumptions that correspond to new values. This is an extremely interesting and inspiring topic to talk about the shape of investments, of which there will be more and more in Poland. Their pro-environmental character is one of the most important contributions of our era and requires special attention. During the conference, many issues, problems and solutions that investors, architects, contractors face in such projects were raised and demonstrated.

One of the topics discussed during the conference was the issues of ennoblement and protection of monuments of modernist and industrial architecture of the 20th century. An example of such activities was the revaluation of the "Museum Island" in Berlin. Carefully revitalized buildings, both outside and inside, present a harmonious combination of preserved old elements with carefully and minimally designed interior furnishings. Such a way of preserving traces of the past should be the goal of preservation efforts, and it was the subject of extensive discussion during the conference.

The organizers of the Conference were the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Association of Polish Architects and Trygon Authors Agency. In addition to Ceramika Paradyż, the conference was sponsored by: ARCHE, Bolix, Ceramika Paradyż, Cherka Kancelaria Prawna, Echo Investment, ERBUD, Norblin, OTB Poland, Port Praski, Zeitgeist.

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