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Choose a better future - an expanded range of Vertua® products

04 of July '23

Cemex is committed to global climate action. That's why the company has created and is developing the Vertua® brand, a portfolio of products that uses cutting-edge technology and innovation to help customers achieve their sustainable priorities. The company aims to gradually expand its Vertua® value proposition to the rest of Cemex's product portfolio, with the goal of creating a more sustainable and modern construction industry.

Vertua® is the company's brand offering a range of innovative products that combine five main sustainability-related features in dedicated application areas. These are: lower carbon emissions, greater energy efficiency, responsible water management, use of recycled materials and optimization in design. These unique features are part of Cemex's "Future in Action" climate strategy, and actions taken under this strategy will enable the company to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

All products developed under the Vertua® brand must meet the specific criteria for at least one of the sustainable attributes listed above. The benefits of the products in question are clearly described on each product. Thanks to the new information labels, the customer can easily verify the properties of the products, their impact on the environment and learn about the technical side of the requirements met by the products.

At Cemex, we are aware of the need to focus on all aspects that will make our products part of sustainable construction. With the expansion of the Vertua® product portfolio, customers can more easily match our products to their needs and designed applications. We have used cutting-edge technology and innovation to create the new Vertua® offering , so that areas such as building energy efficiency, water management and resource conservation will no longer be a challenge," comments Sergio Menendez, president of Cemex EMEA. - The new value proposition incorporates a more ambitious and modern concept: from a range of products with reduced carbon footprint, to products and solutions that broadly align with our sustainability goals while contributing to the company's vision of building a better future.

The expansion of the Vertua® brand is the latest achievement for Cemex, which remains at the forefront of providing more sustainable solutions to its customers. This coincides with the company's announcement to achieve a 41 percent reduction inCO2 emissions* in 2022 by Cemex-owned cement plants in Europe. By 2030, Cemex aims to achieve a 55% reduction inCO2 emissions in Europe.

Wybierz lepszą przyszłość - rozszerzona gama produktów Vertua®

Choose a better future - the expanded Vertua® product range


Vertua® is a brand that offers a comprehensive and key range of sustainable properties, from lower energy consumption to the use of recycled materials and a positive impact on water resources. By continually expanding the spectrum of pro-environmental properties of our products, we strengthen our organization's credibility in the area of sustainability.

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