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Contact Simon - open to contacts - interview with Marcin Oleszczuk

30 of October '23

An ordinary contact, a "flicker", a switch, or a full-fledged element of interior design? We talk about customer awareness, new trends and plans for the future with Marcin Oleszczuk, head of the Design Service Office at Kontakt Simon

Decorating an interior, is always a big expense for investors. They tend to focus on the most important elements, such as the kitchen, bathroom, built-ins, and leave the sockets and switches for last.... Is this still the case, or are buyers, however, more conscious and choose these interior elements like jewelry for an outfit?

Marcin Oleszczuk: The situation is still quite evolving... When we started working as a design department 7 years ago, wiring accessories were most often selected by an electrician, and white was usually the reigning color. At that time we were practically the only company present at conferences that spread the word about the importance of fixtures, their design and proper selection. Those years of "educating" architects and designers showed us that at this point it is no longer an "abandoned child" of the design/investment stage, but an element of interior design. The appropriate selection of fixtures makes it become "wall jewelry", decoration, the proverbial dot over the "i". Here, of course, we must not forget about its functionality. After all, it is the most frequently used and touched electrical element in our homes, countless times we turn the light on and off, put plugs in the contact... In today's models we can also hide automation/automation functions for our "4 corners". With this topic we also "infect" our customers and make them aware of the possibilities. Because this is not just about the aesthetic aspect, but about following market trends. We, as a design support department, are such a "helpline", you can calmly call us, meet with us and find answers to nagging questions. In conclusion, I can say with full responsibility that both designers and their customers are becoming more and more aware and appreciative of the role of elegant and properly selected wiring accessories.

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Do you create the designs of theindividual Kontakt Simon series to meet the needs of the market or do you create these needs, set the trends?Whichcollection is your favorite?

A.: Our products must respond to the changing market and the needs of customers, because they are created for them. Kontakt-Simon is already 102 years old, then we have had quite a few of these changes in the market and customer needs during this period of time. We try to ensure that our product is always one step ahead of changing market needs. Do we create them ? - I prefer to leave this question unanswered, but the fact that we have lasted in this market for so many years shows that we are "in tune" with the needs... smile.

Favorite series - I don't think there is one. Even looking at my apartment, I have 3 different collections in it. In each room, there is something completely different, which, of course, matches the character of the decor. And this proves that fittings are something so individual. In my opinion, just as we choose the color of the walls or furniture for the rooms, so should we choose sockets and switches.

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You are launching a major cooperation project with architects called AMBASADORS CONTACT SIMON, can you reveal moredetails?

A.: Ambassadors are first of all our friends. I have always asked my colleagues to treat the product as an element that is somewhere beside, not in the first place. We always start by getting to know the architect more closely - the person, his passion, his needs, the product comes last. When talking to clients, we want to be unobtrusive - we want to be a general practitioner (the word "contact" means a lot to us). We don't sell contacts, but offer solutions to our customers, each of our products is a satisfaction of the investor's needs and we look at it as such, not as an object.

We are launching a new project, and we want our FRIENDS to become de facto translators of our targeted industry slang, translating it into something more understandable for the final recipient. In my opinion, it's much easier to trust, to understand someone who is an expert - like a designer, but who can talk about the advantages of a product in an accessible, not technical, way.

We are planning to launch the project as early as January and will certainly reveal more details in December. And now, I can say that this is 10 studios that will help everyone better understand the issue of fixtures and functionality, show the power we can hide in our products.

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Thereis quite a lot of interest in the Living Places competition abroad, which is dedicated to architects and designers, there was also a Polish element in it, will you tell us about it?

A.: The Living Places competition - is otherwise known as the Simon Architecture Prize, a competition organized by Simon Holding (with which we have been associated since 2005). The Simon Architecture Prize "Living Places" was created on the initiative of Simon, which is supported by the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. And it is thanks to Simon Holding that this award has also arrived in Poland. The premise of the competition is to promote unconventional public and residential buildings, and it is not about using our products, but simply promoting good and functional architecture. We were very pleased that among the Jury of the competition was the figure of Marcin Szczelina - architecture critic and editor-in-chief of the Archisnob publishing house. The previous edition attracted as many as 13 participants from our country. We hope that this number will increase significantly in the next edition.

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Finally, it's time to ask about future plans, what will Kontakt - Simon surprise us with in 2024?

A.: We have very ambitious plans, but with all this we try to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the market. We are committed to improving communication, facilitating the technical message to the final recipient, and this is where the aforementioned Kontakt Simon Ambassadors program comes to the rescue. The company's plans also include further innovations. Over the past years we have already got the market used to the fact that every year we release something new, this time will be no different... laughter

For me and my department it will be another year full of meetings, conferences and new challenges - but I'm looking at 2024 full of positive emotions and extraordinary challenges. I am convinced it will be a wonderful year!

Thank you for the interview OKK! PR.

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