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Dragon skin on Warsaw skyscraper

17 of June '20

Dragon scales have begun covering one of the skyscrapers in the center of the capital. Measuring 202 meters high, Warsaw UNIT is being built at Daszyńskiego Roundabout. It will accommodate about 57,000 square meters of office space on 45 floors. It will be the first such building in Poland to use "dragon" technology.

The so-called dragon skin, thanks to its unique design, will react to the wind, taking a different, unique form each time.

What makes the project unique is its architecture, which refers to its modernist heritage. Its most distinctive element is the so-called dragon skin, which will eventually cover almost the entire podium of the building. It is a kind of kinetic façade made of thousands of tiles, which will visibly react to every breeze, creating on its surface unique images modeled by the forces of nature.

Smocza skóra - Warsaw UNIT

In the case of Warsaw UNIT, we decided on the so-called dragon skin, which to our knowledge has not yet been used on any building in Poland, and certainly not on a high-rise building

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With each of our flagship projects, we try to give it something unique that will set it apart from other buildings. Warsaw Spire received a dynamic facade illumination with the famous slogan "I love Warsaw" and a European Square with a space for city residents. In the case of Warsaw UNIT, we decided on the so-called dragon skin, which to our knowledge has not yet been used on any building in Poland, and certainly not on a high-rise building. This makes our project unique and gives it a chance to become another landmark and attraction of Warsaw, " says Jaroslaw Zagorski, commercial and development director of Ghelamco Poland.

The Polish-Belgian Architecture Studio Projekt, which is also the co-author of the Warsaw Spire skyscraper, is responsible for the architecture of Warsaw UNIT.

application with pandemic mode

Warsaw UNIT is distinguished not only by its innovative architectural solutions. Ghelamco's latest project will also be saturated with modern technologies that will significantly increase the comfort and safety of its users.
One such tool will be a mobile application developed by the developer's internal innovation department. Its functionality will also be able to be used in epidemic emergencies - it will inform office building users if they are operating in the so-called pandemic mode, which will mean the introduction of extraordinary procedures and safety rules. Employees will receive information, instructions and policies in real time. Chat bots and artificial intelligence will be used to communicate with tenants. The app will also serve, among other things, as a navigation system for the building and the surrounding area, allow access to the office, booking of rooms and many other functionalities.

Warsaw UNIT's pandemic mode will allow the building to run a number of technologies to prevent the spread of the virus. The air-conditioning system will operate using only fresh air to prevent the mixing of exhaust and supply air in the office spaces, and UV lamps will be installed in the elevators to effectively disinfect the space.

health, comfort, ecology

The office building is also the first high-rise building in Poland seeking the prestigious WELL certification in the latest v2 Core version. This certification system primarily takes into account those parameters that affect the health and well-being of the building's users.

In addition to top-notch office space, Warsaw UNIT will also provide space for retail and dining establishments accessible from street level. The building will have a multi-level garage for more than 450 cars, as well as extensive infrastructure for cyclists: bicycle parking, locker rooms and showers.

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