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Farm House with an orangery. Brick single-family house in the midst of farmland

Dobrawa Bies
31 of August '21
Technical data
Name: Core House
Investor: private
Design team: Kamil Cierpiol, Szymon Chrzanowski
Area: 400 m²


  • design
  • implementation


An impressively sized house for a family of modern farmers is being built in eastern Poland amidst vast farmland. Farm House by architects from {tag:Studio} is three brick blocks - modern barns connected by a glass orangery.

Farm House, front

The orangery is also a great vantage point


Farm House is made up of barns characteristic of rural buildings, but framed in a modern, minimalist form. The simple masses were covered with eaveless roofs, the architects also used large glazing and modern technologies. The building has been divided into two parts: a living room and a bedroom, and the attention is drawn to the glass barn, suspended over the covered driveway to the house, where the owners have arranged an orangery.

Ceglana elewacja Farm

The facade of the house is covered with red brick


The house's façade was covered with red brick to blend the house into the environment that changes with the seasons. Minimalist barns, offset from each other, create a dynamic composition in the space, tied together by a distinctive openwork wall of specially laid bricks, allowing light into the interior.

Oranżeria na

The orangery was placed on the first floor


Dobrawa Bies: Farm House is a house designed for a family of farmers. The brick façade is reminiscent of a traditional country house, but what catches the eye is the glass block suspended between the different parts. Why such a bold decision? Tell us about the inspiration.

CORE: The clients asked us for an orangery, a place with a year-round beautiful garden. We originally planned to place it on the first floor, next to the building. Nevertheless, during the development of the concept, we came up with the bold idea to place the garden on the first floor. Thanks to the glazing, it provides a great vantage point over the entire neighborhood.

Cegła układana

The openwork wall lets light into the garden


Dobrawa: Did the owners set any special requirements?

CORE: They wanted a beautiful, functional house in the style of a modern barn that would fit in with the rural atmosphere. They also wanted a conservatory. Other than that, they had no special requirements and gave us a free hand in the design.

Wnętrze Farm House

modern farmhouse interior


Dobrawa: What is the functional division of such a large space?

CORE: The building actually consists of two parts. In the first, we have two adjoining barns. This is the living and entertaining area. In the second, we have bedrooms on the first floor and first floor. The two parts are connected by a glass conservatory, under which parking spaces have been placed.

Farm House pośród
pól uprawnych

Farm House is a modern twist on traditional country houses


Dobrawa: What do you think the phenomenon of the barn house is based on?

CORE: These types of solids are very fashionable in recent years. Many customers are asking for them. We think this is due to the fact that barn-type solids can be arranged modernly in a relatively simple and inexpensive way. It is possible to design high rooms, mezzanine floors and other solutions that are not found in typical houses.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Read also about another project of the CORE studio - the Sand House holiday home, under construction on the Baltic Sea.


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