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How to achieve a glass wall effect at home? Yawal facades

09 of August '21

Large glazings in houses do not have to be created exclusively with sliding or window and door systems. There is a whole range of other solutions that will look equally spectacular, while maintaining the same parameters for strength or thermal insulation of the entire structure.

Glass facades - beauty and functionality

Glass facades have become very fashionable in residential construction, which, thanks to their thoughtful design, are a durable and aesthetic complement to the facade. Glass facades give lightness to the mass of the building and affect its visual attractiveness, and thanks to the use of modern structures, when looking from the outside, it is impossible to distinguish between fixed and open elements. Glazed facades are also characterized by exceptional durability, their maintenance does not require much care, and the construction makes them resistant to the adverse effects of weather conditions. A glass facade opens the building to the beauty of the landscape and perfectly illuminates the interior.


The FA 50N HI facade system from Yawal enables the design and construction of lightweight mullion and transom curtain walls. The unique foam insulator system and the possibility of using double glazing allows for excellent thermal insulation parameters. The FA 50N HI system is classified among the best curtain walls available on the market in terms of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, waterproofing and wind load resistance.

Thesimple shapes and minimalism of the facadestructures will satisfy the tastes of all supporters of modern architectural trends. The solutions provided by Yawal include structural facades with the possibility of integrating a window, effective ventilation or installing facade blinds. Very important for investors is the possibility of matching aluminum joinery to the color scheme of the entire facade.

Yawal facade systems are available in the full range of RAL colors, both in matte, structural and satin finishes. Proponents of more traditional arrangements, on the other hand, can choose from a wide range of coatings that imitate natural wood.

Energy efficiency of glass facades

A very important issue is, of course, their energy efficiency, closely linked to thermal insulation. If the solution is poorly selected, then in the summer the rooms will overheat, and in the winter they will cool down very quickly. To eliminate such problems, the high-tech construction of facade systems is based on profiles equipped with foam insulators.


The second very important factor determining the proper thermal performance of the facade is the selection of an appropriate multi-layer glazing package. Excellent thermal insulation of glazing is achieved by filling the spaces between the individual packages with noble gas. In addition, in the production process, composite spacers are used between the panes, which drastically reduce heat loss occurring at the interface between the glass and the section. The points of contact are referred to as thermal bridges. An increasingly common solution is the use of solar control glass in glass facades located on the south side, which is particularly exposed to solar exposure.

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