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How to choose a wooden floor? Nature underfoot

18 of June '20

Wooden floors are second to none. Not only do they look beautiful and fit into any interior, but they are also durable. Planks like nothing else create a unique atmosphere in the apartment. In Poland, floors are most often made of ash or oak - native species of trees that do not need to be imported from other countries.

Oak wood is an easily accessible, common material, which is why we have come to love it in our interiors. It is a visually versatile species, which in the case of flooring is often a decisive factor - while we change interior arrangements more and more often, the cladding stays with us for a long time. The solid foundation of the interior is to stay with us for decades. That's why noble, long-lasting oak is the material most often found on home floors - oiled boards are matte, while varnished boards are semi-matte.

home care

Planks of this species of wood are the perfect background for any type of home décor. Each plank is unique - its pattern depends only on how nature has directed the growth of the tree. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of natural floors, which become more noble and acquire character with time. Wooden floors will serve us for many years, if only we take a moment to maintain them from time to time.

Drewniane podłogi - jak wybrać najlepszą?

Oak floors are usually a material with a delicate grain

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Oiling floors not only protects them, but also brings out the structure and grain of the oak material. It also helps mask minor damage - regular care of the boards makes them gently swell over time and fill small cavities and cracks. Oak floors are usually a material with a delicate grain. For this reason, they do not play first fiddle in the interior - they are an important background. Wood floors naturally breathe, regulate humidity levels and do not attract dust, so they are an ideal solution, safe also for allergy sufferers.

light and dark floors

When arranging larger spaces, lighter floors work better (although of course this is not a rule, it all depends on the type of interior, furnishings and many other aspects). It is worth reaching for whitewashed, oak planks referring in style to Scandinavian patterns. Although there are far fewer of them on the market, they will work well in slightly more streamlined styling. The subtle pattern creates a quieter surface, which looks good in the larger spaces of a living room or dining room combined with a living room. Greater expressiveness, on the other hand, is the domain of ash floors. Although they are characterized by light colors, unlike oak whitewashed floors, they are more decorative. This is due to the varied color palette, the richness of which is manifested on each individual plank. Juicy orange can pass there into pastel pink, to eventually develop into bright yellow. Made of such boards, the floor is almost a painting - full of irregular coloration varied with numerous rings and striations.

Drewniane podłogi i ogrzewanie podłogowe

It is worth reaching for whitewashed oak planks referring in style to Scandinavian patterns

© VOX press materials

What solution to choose for more difficult tasks? Experts recommend both oak and ash planks. The latter is one of the hardest types of wood, plus varnishing increases its durability. Such a solution will work well in the hallway or kitchen. The floor is finished with two layers of primer and five layers of UV-cured varnish, which increases its durability and resistance to discoloration and dirt. Such planks are also suitable for refinishing by sanding or scraping, which helps prolong their life. Also, do not forget about regular cleaning and vacuuming or mandatory protection of furniture feet with felt pads.

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