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How do you have a view from your window? Photo contest

17 of June '20

We would like to invite you to participate in a photo contest entitled "View from the Window" under the honorary patronage of Jozef Robakowski. Particularly appreciated will be those works that intelligently and creatively address the current quarantine situation.

The photo contest is addressed to professional artists, graduates and students of art schools.

As the contest text reads:

"The competition for photographs inspired by the slogan 'view from the window' makes the situation of widespread quarantine, caused by the epidemic of a previously unknown virus, the subject of reference. The restrictions put in place due to security reasons have locked millions of people around the world indoors. In a short period of time and completely unexpectedly, the view from the window "returned" as our point of reference. What do we see? What does this situation mean to us? What emotions does it evoke in us? Does the traditionally understood window also become a screen? How does our perception change, our sense of time, the perspective from which we look out of the intimate world of our own fears, concerns, needs, dreams and thoughts? What do we feel when the window turns into a mirror...?

Especially appreciated will be those works that intelligently and creatively address the current situation of "national quarantine." One category is provided for new works, never before published.

Jury of the competition:

  • Jarosław Klupś - chairman of the jury, photographer
  • Adam Mazur - art critic
  • Izabela Jurcewicz - photographer
  • Dr. Witold Kanicki - art history
  • Mateusz Bieczyński, PhD - secretary of the jury

competition calendar

Participants present works on the theme "View from the window", as determined by the organizers. Each author may submit up to 3 works (each of which may constitute a series of multiple photographs). The author of the winning work will receive 2.5 thousand zlotys. An audience award of PLN 1 thousand is also provided for.

  • Deadline for submissions (open call continuous): until June 30 this year.
  • announcement of results: July 15 - 20 this year.

The organizers of the competition are: Raritas Art Foundation and the University of Arts in Poznan.

For more information , visit the competition website.

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