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Discover design - 4 Design Days 2022 trade show behind us

02 of February '22

KFA Armatura summarizes the 4 Design Days 2022 trade fair in Katowice, Poland.

A wonderful event is behind us: the 4DD trade fair in Katowice. Finally live, full of interesting meetings and plenty of inspiration. For the KFA Armatura brand, this year's fair was a debut as an exhibitor. A debut that was definitely successful.

Stoisko KFA Armatura
podczas targów 4DD w Katowicach

KFA Armatura stand during the 4DD trade fair in Katowice.

© KFA Armatura

The unusual exhibition space for the Krakow-based brand was designed by Izabela Gemzała (Pracownia Prosty Plan). It's worth seeing what has emerged from the combination of KFA Armatura's 100 years of experience, the designer's innovative ideas and beautiful products.
What primarily guided the creation of the KFA Ar matura stand was the slogan - Discover Design - says Iza Gemzała. Every observer, unveiling successive, puzzling boxes of products, will have the opportunity to see that fixtures are not just an indispensable accessory, but, in a way, "jewelry of the bathroom", complementing its wholeness and aesthetics.
The biggest surprise was the construction of the exhibition - here we could not simply enter the stand. Instead, one could explore (and literally! thanks to the movable built-in elements) a lot of inspiration, both bathroom and kitchen. This attracted many visitors and probably became the most photographed booth at the event.

4 Design Days 2022 KFA Armatura

© KFA Armatura

The arrangements presented at the booth show that the brand's products are extremely diverse and fit into any interior - regardless of the color range chosen or the style of the room being designed. - explains the designer and adds: the whole stand also has a symbolic expression and is an invitation to guests to... have fun!
It is worth mentioning that KFA Armatura is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. And despite such an "advanced" age, it is implementing many modern solutions. These include innovative products such as water-filtering faucets and ecological bathroom fixtures, but also progressive measures, i.e. the release of a sustainability report. It is worth clicking and reading it!

For more information, visit the company 'sArmatura Kraków SA page on theAiB portal.

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