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Relaxation and birdwatching on Lake Paprocany. Monad project with first prize!

Dobrawa Bies
02 of September '21

Piotr Gajdka and Krzysztof Hendel of the Silesian University of Technology have won first prize in a competition to develop a spatial-architectural concept for the development of the Wild Beach at Paprocany in Tychy. Their Monad project seeks to meet the needs of Tychy residents while preserving the natural character of the lake's surroundings.

The aim of the student competition, organized by the Tychy City Hall in cooperation with the Department of Residential and Public Utility Architecture Design of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, was to identify and award the best concept for the development of the Wild Beach in Tychy. The competition received 21 works, of which the jury decided to award five.Two first places were awarded ex aequo to teams from the Silesian University of Technology, the first consisting of: Piotr Gajdka and Krzysztof Hendel, and the second, composed of: Paweł Białas, Kamil Bryłka and Michał Ciebień. The jury also awarded three honorable mentions. You can view all the works here.

Projekt Monada w Tychach

Monada project in Tychy includes several intimate beaches

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

The authors of the award-winning Monada project attempted to reconcile the needs of people using the Wild Beach at Lake Paprocanskie and the requirements arising from the desire to maintain the natural character of the lake, and its adjacent areas, in particular to preserve the habitat of the numerous birds found there.

user feedback and site visit

We began our work by reviewing users ' opinions on the current development and functioning of the area. Thanks to them, we were able to determine what groups of people appear in its area and what exactly they do there. In this way, we also gathered information about the inconveniences they face. The most common problems mentioned in the statements were the following: insufficient beach area, inadequate size and equipment of the food court, and lack of a permanent concert space, the authors of the winning concept say.

Obszar opracowania nad jeziorem Paprocańskim Plan zagospodarowania terenu jeziora w Tychach

Based on numerous opinions and a site visit, the authors created the Monad project

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

In the second step, the students of the Silesian University of Technology conducted a site visit, which allowed them to identify further issues - the lack of space for anglers who frequent the lake in large numbers, the shortage and inappropriate location of public toilets, as well as the poor condition and haphazard placement of small architecture.

small architectural interventions

Taking into account the diagnosis made and the list of requirements, the young architects decided to carry out a series of small architectural interventions. Their goal was to improve the condition of the already existing and well-liked public space around Lake Paprocanski.

Projekt Monada, część gastronomiczna

A food court with a built-in stage

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

The Monad project included the idea of arranging several intimate beaches to ensure intimacy for their users. Near them, they located a food court with a built-in stage that could be opened in any direction and used for outdoor concerts, intimate performances or as a summer cinema. The entire structure would be made of lightweight wooden frame construction and covered with an extensive green roof.

Projekt Monada, rzut budynku gastronomii

projection of the designed catering outlet

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

In addition, the authors proposed replacing the existing small architecture with more modern, ecological and adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. They placed three public toilets, including one with a shower and lockers, along the path that runs along the western shore of the lake.

Kino letnie w Tychach

At night, the venue can turn into a summer cinema

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

For anglers visiting Paprocany there will be several small spots with seating, allowing them to fish in peace and quiet. The project envisages the construction of a 4-meter wide pedestrian and bicycle path, bicycle shelters, and showers for cyclists. It is also proposed to expand the sand-covered area on the waterfront.


What's more, due to the ecological potential of the southern part of the development area, where there are tall grasses that provide habitat for many bird species, the authors designed several observation points. Thanks to the pulpits, it is possible to watch the daily lives of animals in a way that does not disturb these lives.

Projekt Monada, południowe szuwary i budki obserwacyjne

Bird watching points are a characteristic element of the project

© Piotr Gajdka, Krzysztof Hendel

We believe that the changes we have proposed will not disturb the natural character of the western shore of Lake Paprocanskie, but will only highlight its qualities and enrich the time we spend there, the authors conclude.


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