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Natalia Król - "Eco cruise - solar electric yacht".

Dobrawa Bies
07 of October '22
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2022
Name: "Eco cruise - solar electric yacht".
Author: Natalia Król
University: Faculty of Fine Arts, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

Dr. Marcin Podskarbi

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2021/2023".

The project encompasses both the concept of the yacht's exterior form and its interior. The most important idea was to create an ergonomic and functional space, which, despite some limitations related to the specifics of the facility, will provide comfortable conditions for daily functioning and will be maintained in a domestic character.

Solar electric yacht project, top deck

design of solar electric yacht, upper deck

© Natalia Król

No less important is the body of the yacht - it has many geometric elements, which contrasts with the surroundings and thus differs from the designs common for this type of object. Such a form also affects the character of the interior, makes it attractive and at the same time creates a not easy challenge in terms of its arrangement. An important aspect of the project was also the issue of ecology, which assumed the use of environmentally friendly solutions and materials.

Solar electric yacht project, elevations

solar electric yacht project, elevations

© Natalia Król

The dimensions of the various zones and cabins are thought out so that they do not take up too much space and at the same time are not claustrophobic. The total length of the yacht is 21 meters, the width is 9.9 meters, and the usable area is 216 square meters and is designed for up to eight people. The facility consists of two decks. The lower deck, divided into two hulls, includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a utility room.

 Solar electric yacht project Fragment of the upper deck

The largest of the bedrooms, which is also a navigation area

© Natalia Król

The upper deck is the living area, i.e. the living room, kitchen and dining room, and the largest of the bedrooms, which is also the navigation area. The upper superstructure surrounds the outdoor space, which includes another lounge area - at the bow. Located at the rear of the yacht, an exterior staircase leads to platforms for direct access to the water or land. Communication between decks is provided by stairs: one between the galley and salon, another behind the dining table and a third connecting the master bedroom to the bathroom.

Yacht plan Widok jachtu z góry

floor plans and top view

© Natalia Król

The color scheme of the interior is dominated by colors of various woods, whites, grays, Prussian blue and accents in the form of black or olive green. They give the interior a calm and cozy atmosphere.

Strefa wypoczynku znajduje się na dziobie

The rest area is located on the bow

© Natalia Król

The materials used in the interior design take into account aesthetic and functional qualities, i.e. they are adapted to the conditions on the yacht, and many of them are also part of the concept of caring for the environment. Surfaces are covered with specialized teak plywood, composite tiles or polypropylene yarn carpet. These materials are characterized by lightness, yet high strength and resistance to moisture, water or mold.

Stairs lead below deck Corridor on the yacht

The surfaces were covered with specialized teak plywood, composite tiles and carpeting

© Natalia Król

All doors used in the interior are sliding. The windows in the yacht's superstructure are in the form of triangles, which are part of the structure covering the superstructure. They have window actuators that allow them to open and close automatically. Any glazing used is made with Smart Glass technology, or smart glass, which makes it possible to control its transparency. The vast majority of the lighting is made up of RGB LED strips, which illuminate the rooms in a practical and precise way, creating interesting visual effects.

On the lower deck there are bedrooms

On the lower deck there are bedrooms

© Natalia Król

An important part of the development of the interiors was the selection or design of furniture that would meet the needs and standards arising from the specifics of the facility, as well as decorate with an interesting form. Among others, a corner sofa in the lounge area, which at the same time has a storage function, a dining table or geometric cabinets in the bedrooms were designed to measure. In order to gain additional storage space, the space under the stairs was also developed through pull-out drawers or cabinets opening from the side, placed in the treads.

The author designed special lighting Bedroom

The author designed the lighting and furniture

© Natalia Król

The yacht is powered by an electric motor based on solar energy. Such a solution has numerous benefits for both the environment and the yacht's owners. Modern photovoltaic panels fully integrated into the yacht's composite components were used. This technology allows to maximize the amount of solar energy generated, while not interfering with the visual aspect.

Natalia KRÓL

Illustrations: © Author

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