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NEW IRON in Lodz. A unique apartment building in the heart of the city

19 of December '23

A new symbol of Lodz, this is what is already being said about the unique apartment building being built in the city center. Modern, thoroughly elegant and prestigious, NEW IRON is not only a unique place to live, but also a great investment of capital.

The decision to purchase a property is always a step that requires care, analysis and careful consideration. In this context, the prestigious NEW IRON development in Łódź at 22 Struga Street appears to be a unique opportunity, combining not only solid investment foundations, but also an exceptional lifestyle and comfort that takes the standards of living to a whole new level.

New Iron

New Iron


Luxury, quality and atmosphere

One of the main strengths of the apartments at NEW IRON is their unquestionable elegance. Every detail has been carefully considered, and the architectural design reflects a unique approach to aesthetics. Luxurious interiors, high-quality materials and carefully designed spaces create an atmosphere where comfort becomes an integral part of everyday life.

New Iron - z boku

New Iron - from the side


Modernity is another key element that sets NEW IRON apart. The apartments have been designed to meet the needs of modern residents, offering state-of-the-art technological solutions and high quality construction. Smart home management systems, energy efficiency and access to modern amenities make living in NEW IRON a 21st century experience.

What other amenities can future residents count on? As befits a premium building, on the first floor there will be a large lobby with a spacious, extremely elegant place for a concierge, who will provide residents with support in various matters. On the roof of the building a part of the terrace has been set aside for spending time together. How it will be developed will be decided by future residents. In the underground parking lot, a charger for electric cars will be installed, and there will also be a functional bicycle room. It is worth mentioning, by the way, that the apartments are three meters high.

Apartments in the heart of Lodz

Another quality that distinguishes NEW IRON is its strategic location. The project allows easy access to the key points of the city, which makes it an important element of its transport structure. It is a place where modernity meets tradition and dynamism meets harmony.

New Iron - wizualizacja wnętrz

New Iron - interior visualization


Luxury apartments are increasing in Lodz, but keep in mind that they will always be only a small part of the real estate market. Lodz is becoming a really great place to invest in real estate of this type. First, because of its convenient location in the heart of Poland, with a ring of highways in every direction. Secondly, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Poland, with an extremely rich history as a city of four cultures. Third, the city's authorities make sure that there is no shortage of attractive cultural and sports events. Fourth, Lodz is home to many multinational corporations with excellent executives who, even when they come to the city for a few months, after all, have to live somewhere. Why not in NEW IRON, the most distinctive building in the heart of the city. Such a business apartment can be used in many ways, not only residential, it can also be used for intimate business meetings," stresses Piotr Leśniak, General Director at Bona Fide Development, the company that is developing this investment.

The location of the apartment building in the very center of Łódź makes it possible to reach Warsaw from here within 90 minutes. It takes not much longer to travel to Poznań, Wrocław and Katowice. In just over three hours you can be in Gdansk, Krakow or Lublin.

New Iron - foyer wejściowe

New Iron - entrance foyer


It's an investment in a unique lifestyle

Buying an apartment at NEW IRON is therefore not only an investment in real estate, but also in a prestigious lifestyle. It's a choice for those who appreciate comfort, modernity and elegance, and at the same time want to be part of a dynamic urban environment. NEW IRON is not just an apartment, it is a way of life that combines the best elements of modernity and tradition, creating a unique place for those who are looking for more than just a place to live.

New Iron - garaż

New Iron - garage


The building features only thirty-seven apartments ranging in size from 42 to 83 sqm with large terraces, as well as spacious duplexes from 75 sqm to 125 sqm. In addition, exclusive penthouses with areas from 142 sqm to 220 sqm located in a glass tower with a separate elevator. The largest of these with private terrace access has already been sold for more than four million zlotys. This is one of the highest residential transactions in Lodz. This apartment occupies as many as three floors in a glass tower.

The apartments are in high demand not only because of their unique design, convenient location in the heart of Lodz and excellent place to live. Many treat them as a great capital investment. Such investments never lose their value, they only gain," emphasizes Piotr Lesniak.

New Iron - korytarz

New Iron - corridor


The NEW IRON project was created by award-winning Lodz-based architect Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt studio. His projects not only surprise with their form, architectural and visual concept, but also win awards internationally.

We hope that soon NEW IRON will also be among the winners of the best architectural projects, because it definitely deserves it," says Piotr Lesniak.

Piotr Leśniak - CEO Bona Fide Development

Piotr Lesniak - CEO of Bona Fide Development


Lodz, 30a Tymienieckiego St.
tel. 664 144 146

Investment address:
Lodz, 22 Struga St.

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