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NFZ will build new headquarters in Kielce

Kacper Kępiński
20 of January '22

The Świętokrzyskie branch of the National Health Fund will move to a brand new building. The construction of the office building, designed by local studio Detan, will cost around 60 million zlotys.

The office building will stand in a green area on the southern edge of downtown Kielce, at the intersection of Langiewicza and Wojska Polskiego streets. The new headquarters will replace a run-down, historic building in the city center. Officials pointed out that it no longer meets modern standards, and that renovation is not possible while maintaining the continuity of the facility's work.

tallest in the area

NFZ Kielce

photo: NFZ / Detan

The new office building was designed by the Detan studio from Kielce. The building will consist of two parts - a higher office, six stories high, and a pedestal. In it will be located a hall of service for the public. There will be 150 parking spaces available for employees and petitioners. Due to its dimensions and surroundings built up mainly with small, two- or three-story buildings, the new NFZ headquarters will be the architectural dominant feature of the entire neighborhood.

On the slope

NFZ Kielce

photo: NFZ / Detan

The building's design takes advantage of the natural terrain. Built on a slope, the office building will have entrances on different levels. The two-story parking lot will be partially recessed and located at the back. This will give the building's entrance area a setting in the form of a small urban square.

design and build

NFZ Kielce

Photo: NFZ / Detan

The NFZ has just opened bids in the tender. Five companies want to perform the work in the "design and build" mode. The cheapest offer will cost the public insurer's budget PLN 56 million, while the most expensive is PLN 83 million. The tender will most likely be awarded, as the NFZ has secured nearly PLN 60 million for the construction. The declared completion date for the work is 28 months from the date of signing the contract.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast

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