Roofyrustykalne is a company that not only sells roofing materials based on tiles from Italy, France, Spain or the USA. Thanks to the fact that we are open to modern technologies and sensitive to trends in architecture to our customers we offer solutions, tailored to individual needs and requirements. In our offer, in addition to numerous roofing accessories, you will find top sheet metal roofing and cement tile roofing materials. Also rustic. We provide all our customers with advice, a very wide choice among carefully selected and sourced from all over the world ceramic and cement tiles of the highest quality and aesthetics, which, thanks to a wide range of possibilities, allow our customers to create the roofs of their dreams. If, after returning from sunny Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, the coast of California or Portugal, you have decided that such a rustic, Mediterranean style of architecture suits you and you want to carry out an investment in such a climate, then you have found the right partner for the realization of your dream house, because after under the brand roofyrustykalne.pl we distribute French Terreal ceramic tiles, and Terreal Italy SanMarco, Tognana, FBM, Tegolaila, Tognana, Ludowici tiles. These are the best of the best products that can be used in our climate.

By supplying roofing products of the highest quality standards over the years, we have earned the appreciation of a great many customers. We are also a general roofing contractor for many of our contractors. We have the extreme pleasure of working with investors from all over Poland. Our clients include architects, private individuals, roofers, contractors for historic and conservation buildings, as well as religious associations, or state institutions and developers. Tiles from the dachyrustykalne.pl offer meet the strict requirements set by architects
and conservators of monuments, and thanks to the efficient organization of the order fulfillment process, we are able to adapt it to current needs and meet the high expectations of investors on almost any investment.

Thanks to our experience and cooperation with major international partners, we provide professional advice and technical support and reliable service.
We are able to meet the most complex customer expectations.

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