Flowcrete is a manufacturer and distributor of resin flooring systems. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 1994 (until 2005 under the name Peran Polska).

The company has a wide range of resin flooring systems, which have a reputation in the market for high quality products. Flowcrete specializes in epoxy, polyurethane, methacrylate and vinylester resin floors:

  • Peran - industrial and decorative epoxy and polyurethane floors
  • Flowfresh - antibacterial polyurethane floors
  • Deckshield - polyurethane parking lot coatings
  • Flowfast - quick-setting floors
  • Isocrete - self-leveling cementitious compounds
  • Flowchem VE - specialty chemical resistant coatings
  • Mondéco - seamless terazzo floors

The company operates nationwide working with professional contractors who are certified to perform Flowcrete seamless resin floors.

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