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Sliding doors based on narrow profiles with glass as a supporting element

10 of May '20

KER3MR, as one of the first in Poland, has implemented sliding doors based on narrow profiles. These solutions use glass as a load-bearing-structural element, which allows to reduce the width of vertical profiles to 22mm, while increasing the size of sliding sashes to 18 m². Now KER3MR has introduced sliding doors in the Pivot system to its offer.

In Pivot, the hinges have an offset axis of rotation, so the door's center of gravity is shifted. As a result, the leaf opens slightly, even with a weight of 500 kg, Five meters high and a maximum area of 10 m². Despite the large surface area, Pivots are very convenient and impressive, as they do not interfere as much with the interior when opening as do traditional swinging doors. Pivots can be equipped with locks, any type of infill within the maximum sash weight, full RAL color schemes and drives for assisted opening. In addition, they can be in single and double leaf versions, as well as in configurations with sliding doors and entire strings of fixed walls.

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