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Construction of Żerań Park will soon begin

Kacper Kępiński
27 of January '23

The design stage of Żerań Park has ended. We got to know the target shape and the latest visualizations of the green spaces on the Warsaw canal. A tender for construction work is to be launched soon.

Zarząd Zieleni w Warszawie (The Warsaw Greenery Board) already has a legally binding decision on the construction work and is currently preparing a tender for its implementation. Its announcement is planned for the first quarter of 2023, and the park itself is expected to be completed in 2025. Żerański Park will be built on 13 hectares of land located on the western bank of the Żerański Canal - from Modlińska Street to Płochocińska Street. The development of the park will refer to the industrial character of the area (including the unfinished river port and former prefabrication plants).

Wnętrze kawiarni

Interior of the pavilion

photo: topoScape / Archigrest / Alter Image Sebastian Kochel

sports and recreation

Embedded in newly arranged greenery, Żeranski Park will become a zone of rest in the immediate vicinity of water. It is to find a place for active sports, lovers of walking and recreation on the water. In concept, the project focuses on land, while preparing mooring areas to allow the presence of floating objects.


The waterfront of the canal

photo: topoScape / Archigrest / Alter Image Sebastian Kochel

There are an incredible number of trees growing in the area , some of them are very valuable specimens. We will clean them up, treat them and cut the undergrowth. Natural succession has occurred here and a very rich natural habitat has been created. Our task will be to build new infrastructure, while taking care of what nature has so far created itself.

Kamila Nowocin, director of the ZZW (Warsaw Greenery Board)

City authorities assure that preserving and introducing new ecological niches will be an important part of the project. Native and non-invasive trees will be planted in the park, there will also be supplemental plantings, and the existing stand of trees will be maintained. There will be little interference in the northern part of the park - the area will be secured and cleaned up. However, the southern part will be developed.

the best project

Projekt konkursowy

Competition project

photo: topoScape / Archigrest

Its design was prepared by TopoScape and Archigrest, the studios that won the competition that was decided in 2019. Their project was selected by a 15-member jury led by Marcin Brataniec. Magdalena Wnęk, Justyna Dziedziejko, Marcin Maraszek, Maciej Kaufman, Natalia Trochonowicz and Hubert Trammer were part of the author's team and worked on the competition concept. Compared to the competition concept, the scope of interference in the area has decreased - the visualizations show far fewer paved areas, newly constructed structures and buildings. The pavilions are designed in a lightweight, wooden structure. The investment will include the largest park in the intensively expanding Białołęka district.

Wizualizacja parku

Visualization of the park

photo: topoScape / Archigrest / Alter Image Sebastian Kochel

The Competition Court did not lack a public representative - the association "Let's save the areas on the Żerań Canal" was represented by Mateusz Senko. Supervision and implementation of the consultation process was carried out by the Field of Dialogue Foundation. A survey conducted by the foundation among residents of Bialoleka showed that, according to the majority of respondents, Żeranski Park should - in addition to its current natural function - realize 3 functions: park, recreational and sports.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast

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