Compact summer house by UGO Architecture design

Ola Kloc
08 of September '20

In the heart of the Sierakowski Landscape Park in Wielkopolska province, surrounded by lakes, among picturesque fields and forests, near the Warta River, architects from UGO Architecture designed a small, compact summer house that gives residents the option of staying year-round.

On an area of 80 square meters, the designers accommodated a simple body of a house that blends in with the surrounding nature. The structure will be made of wooden construction with a ventilated roof to protect the building from overheating.



© UGO Architecture

The rectangular-plan mass will be surrounded on three sides by terraces of various sizes. The largest of them, over thirty meters long and covered, will be an extension of the spacious living room. The entrance from the terrace, as the author of the project emphasizes, like the fireplace, will be located on the axis of the establishment, and each of the windows will frame part of the forest and sky.



© UGO Architecture

The interior of the house is planned to concentrate family life in a coherent open space - the function of the spacious living room will be taken up by the terrace with nature surrounding it. Further on there will be a kitchen with a dining room, which will be extended by another terrace. The bedroom area will be located on a mezzanine floor.

zadaszony taras stanowić będzie przedłużenie przestronnego salonu wnętrze domu, wizualizacja

terrace and interior of the house

© UGO Architecture

Both the materials used inside and the whole body of the house will harmonize with nature. Wood, terrazzo and steel will form a neutral background for the greenery surrounding the house, while light, subdued colors will be complemented by colorful curtains in the interior and exterior parts of the living room - a color dominant that the investor will be able to easily change according to his preferences.

Ola Kloc

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